Medical Office Administration Benefits With BioScan

patient talking with medical office administrationBecoming a nurse or a doctor is one of the many ways you can enter the healthcare industry. But if you want a job that continuously challenges you every day, you should look into medical office administration. A medical office administrator combines office administration with healthcare. It allows you to impact other people’s lives positively. It is the job that glues almost all healthcare facilities in one place.

Medical office administrator roles

A medical office administrator is the backbone of a healthcare and medical facility. You have to perform the tasks that keep the hospital and doctors functioning correctly. Your career involves various roles – it can be anything from an admission coordinator, patient coordinator, or medical office assistant. This job requires you to be involved both directly and indirectly in inpatient care. That’s why you should know how a BioScan system can benefit you.

Your job isn’t just answering the phone, scheduling patient appointments, and processing insurance claims. You also need to know and note down patient histories, manage their medical records, transfer lab results to the doctors, and use computer and office equipment. Imagine using the BioScan system to make it easier for doctors to assess a patient. But what is the BioScan system, and how is it beneficial in medical office administration?

What is BioScan Technology?

BioScan is a painless, safe, and non-invasive technology that combines various disciplines of biofeedback, homeopathy, and acupuncture with laser light technology so that the body can return to its balanced state as soon as possible and heal itself. It starts by scanning the body’s organ systems. It also checks for stressors and imbalances such as toxins, pollen, chemicals, food sensitivities, and more. The aim is to scan body functions and provide an accurate report that you can send to the doctor for further review.

How does BioScan work?

To operate BioScan, you need to know how it works. First of all, this system works on Bio-Electric Medicine principles. According to this set of principles, all substances, whether living or dead, possess a unique energetic signal. The Galvanic Skin Response System (GSR) emits signals that represent these substances. It records your body’s stress responses made toward these signals. You will be surprised to know that BioScan’s proprietary database contains thousands of stressors.

Wondering what is a stressor and the types of stressors? A stressor is a chemical, biological, physical, or emotional factor or substance that leads to temporary or permanent harm. BioScan technology helps to address health issues as a preventative measure to ensure optimal health conditions.

Each signal that identifies these issues has a respective baseline parameter. Any reading that doesn’t come within the parameters indicates representative substance created due to undue stress or various health complications. That means you don’t need to be an expert to understand how BioScan works. Once you set up the tool and finish the scan, check the parameters to get an idea if your body is alright or not. The scan provides a report of findings that indicate the following:

  • The presence of groups and substances. The scan will identify each substance and classify it.
  • The severity level of the substance and whether it is in the chronic, acute, or balanced state.

BioScan 100-point inspection

The BioScan 100-point inspection takes approximately 10 to 12 minutes to scan the body. It provides a detailed report of findings that indicate stressors according to severity. You can check whether any stressor is in a chronic or acute condition so that the doctor can take appropriate action.

Accuracy of results

BioScan is FDA-registered medical equipment.  That means you can expect it to provide the most accurate results. Health professionals have already used BioScan technology to perform thousands of assessments.

BioScan benefits

Anyone in medical office administration can run a BioScan test. Again, it doesn’t require you to be an expert. You need to read the test results and compare them with the respective baseline parameters. Depending on the outcome, you can talk to the doctor regarding the issues that need work.

Moreover, you can use BioScan for regular health control and monitoring the effects of various methods. It is an excellent health practice that you can use as a preventative healthcare tool. Here are a few more benefits of BioScan that a healthcare administration can enjoy:

  1. Quick and reliable

BioScan provides an almost immediate supplementary assessment of health risk factors, such as levels of accumulated stress, decreased physical training level, chronic disorders of heartbeat activity, and chronic vegetative imbalance. It helps to assess health issues faster and enables the doctor to select a protocol.

  1. Adaptable

BioScan is easily adaptable in almost all medical branches you can think of, such as laboratory, family doctor clinics, nutrition, sports, and psychology settings. That means you can use this system right from your office even without going to another center. Since it provides accurate results with 15 minutes, you can contact a doctor if you feel one of the test results indicates something requiring more attention.

  1. Early indication of health risks

It is always wise to get in touch with a doctor when you see initial symptoms. The BioScan technology is so advanced that it can detect possible health risks well beforehand. It gives the doctor enough chance to observe the condition and provide a combination of protocols that can keep you out of danger.

  1. Prevention

BioScan allows you to detect stressor imbalances that usually lead to various health issues. Early indications in BioScan enable the doctor to provide a proper protocol to prevent severe complications, progressive stress conditions, and illness before onset and development.

Possible side-effects

There are no side-effects related to BioScan technology. Some may experience congestion or slight flushing, but doctors say that that’s normal. It’s a sign of the body detoxifying unwanted substances. Apart from that, the patient will not experience anything. As already mentioned, BioScan is a fast, painless, non-invasive, and safe procedure that provides test results quickly.

BioScan isn’t a medicine or a part of therapy. Instead, it shows the body’s current condition. It’s the doctor who compares the test results with the respective baseline parameters to judge whether there are any health issues or not. The results depend on various factors, such as present associations, past associations, interests, lifestyle, and weaknesses.

Therefore, it is not only doctors only that can use BioScan. Even a medical office administrator can start using this technology to help patients faster and assist more people.


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