NOTE TO EXISTING CUSTOMERS: We have made some updates to the BioScanSRT software and want to make sure everyone is current. Within the software click the Help menu at the top and then select "About" to confirm if you have a software version build number ending in "116." If not, please back up your database and then install this updated version over the top of your existing BioScanSRT Software. Changes in the new version are listed in the overview document below.


INSTALLING THE SOFTWARE: Please click the download link below. If it does not work just right click the link, then left click Copy Address/Link/Location, and paste it on the Address Bar of your web browser and press the ENTER key on your keyboard. A dialog to open or save the file may appear, click [Save] and choose a location to save it. That will be your backup copy of your software. After saving the file, navigate to the saved location and double click it to begin the install. This same procedure can be used to save the manual and overview documents.

(English) Download BioScanSRT 116 Software via (211 MB)

(English) Download BioScanSRT 116 Software via DropBox (211 MB)

(English) BioScanSRT 116 Overview of new features via BioScanGathering


VIDEOS: Please go to BioScanGathering for links to video(s) that demonstrate the new features!


USER MANUAL: The user manual is available to customers logged into our BioScanGathering area.  If you do not have an account yet, please Register and then Request Customer Access

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:  Not all languages are translated, therefore earlier versions are still available.

(Spanish) Download BioScanSRT 109 Software

(German) Download BioScanSRT 109 Software

(Dutch) Download BioScanSRT 113 Software


AUTHORIZING THE SOFTWARE: The software requires regular re authorizations. Please have your computer connected to the Internet before opening the software. You will get a warning if you are approaching the time to reauthorize. The software silently reauthorizes, so you will not have to intervene! We also periodically provide software updates from our website or emails sent to you.   NOTE: If you change to a different computer after you install this software, you will need to call the IHT office to reauthorize this software.


CONTACT US: Our office can be reached at 801-889-2224, and we are available Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am Mountain Time until 5:00 pm Mountain Time except for United States federal holidays. We also have the ability to remote access your internet-connected computer to troubleshoot technical issues.

Thank you for being an IHT customer.