Highlights From International Heath Technologies Annual Global User Conferences

Our Annual Global User Conferences are an incredible way to connect with other practitioners in similar fields, to expand your business network, learn new protocols and hone your skills both with technology and practical applications.

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Past Presentations

  • “A functional medicine approach to detox”
  • “Breast Awareness Workshop”
  • “Canine Cancer; Equine Burn Patient; Lameness and Osteoarthritis; Geriatric Pets.”
  • Case Studies - 1) 2” Lump in Breast, 2) Severe Insomnia, 3) Extreme Fatigue, Weight Loss
  • Case Studies - 1) Autism/Psoriasis, 2) Hypothyroidism/Adrenal Fatigue, 3) Stroke Recovery/ Lymphatics
  • Case Studies - 1) Developmental Delay in an 11-month old, 2) Persistent Keratosis
  • Case Studies - 1) Gastroschisis, 2) Debilitating Abdominal Cramps
  • Case Studies - 1) Horse – Colic, 2) Dog – Unable to use Back Legs, 3) Monkey - Vomiting/Gall Bladder, 3) Horse – Vet recommended Euthanasia
  • Case Studies - 1) Persistent Diarrhea, 2) Persistent Flu Symptoms, 3) Suspected Bronchitis, 4) Infertility
  • Case Studies - 1) Possible Autism 18-month-old Boy, 2) Persistent Coughing, 3) Severe Eczema, 4) Extreme Neck & Back Pain
  • Case Studies - 1) Severe Eczema, 2) Finding Your Why
  • Case Studies - 1) Severe Jaw Pain, 2) Growth on Neck, 3) Auto-Immune Symptoms Worsened, 4) Growth on Gum
  • “Effective Basic Testing Techniques; Dealing with the Consequences of Vaccinations.”
  • “Emotional Implications in a Case Study of Twins”
  • “Emotional Triggers Blocking Path to Wellness; Clarifying Chronic Illness from Man-Made Organisms; Retroviruses and Chronic Illness.”
  • “Find and Remove Core Issues with Easy Phenolic Testing & Matching Remedy”
  • “Functionary Veterinary Medicine: Case Studies using MSA”

Sample Presentation

  • “Healing Through Knowledge Understanding and Application of True Energy”
  • “History and Science of Bio-Energetic Medicine”
  • “How to Add items To the Virtual Library”
  • “How to Customize Your Nutritional Module”
  • “How to Integrate MSA & SRT in a Practice”
  • “How to Organize Emotional Evaluation”
  • “Keeping it Simple: Patient Success Stories, Clinic Growth and Financial Success”
  • “Learn how to incorporate weight loss successfully in your practice”
  • “Learning more ways to integrate both software applications”
  • “Lyme and Coinfections; Lyme and Mold; Lyme, Morgellans and Metals.”
  • “Lyme and Lyme Co-Infections; Mycoplasmas, Virus & Lyme; Arthritis & Germ Warfare Agents.”
  • “Marketing Your Practice”
  • “MSA in the Multi-Disciplinary Clinic”
  • “Neurologic Trauma; Professional Athlete; Emotional Abuse”
  • “Setting Up Your Practice for Success”
  • “Successful Gut Health – Before and After with MSA”
  • “The Chart of Homotoxicology & The Use of P-Chart, Q-Chart, and Nutritional Chart”
  • “The Role of the Adrenal Glands in Cell Permeability and Chronic Health Conditions”
  • “The Science behind the BioScan: Vibrational/Energetic Medicine 101; Frequencies and Resonance; Homeopathy and Quantum Physics”
  • “Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts to Maximize the Use of MSA/SRT”
  • “Tuning up your immune system for optimal health”
  • “Unraveling Cloaked Disturbances; Transgenerational Patterning; Thyroid & the HPA Axis Epidemic”
  • “Using the advanced dental program and getting referrals from Dentists”
  • “What to Do When the Basic Protocol Isn’t Enough For The Patient”

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