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BioScan is a portable testing system:

• Real time (ElectroDermal) testing and analysis of responses to known stressors and allergens;

• Gather immediate results from scanning the body using specific acupuncture points to access various meridians related to the body’s 14 major systems and organs and plot that data on an easy to read chart;

• Nutritional testing to determine whether the nutritional product is in balance with the body being tested.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that you can now offer your patient’s and clients, immediate readings and non-invasive testing on their 14 major body systems with BioScanMSA, or scan the body against over 80,000 substances to find sensitivities and stressors with BioScanSRT!

This improves compliance, increases revenue, and boosts satisfaction.

These programs are great for those utilizing holistic healing methods, natural stress therapy, and those in clinical spaces.


“I have been using the BioScan technology since 2004. I am continually amazed at the awesome results I see with my patients. .We are able to assess the root of the body's dysfunction as opposed to guessing or missing the mark. My practice has grown exponentially as a result of these tools and I cannot recommend them more highly.” - Dr. Christine Stueve, D.PSc., PhD, ND, DMBM

“My 16-year-old niece has itching, watery eyes and stuffy nose when visiting my house, we have 2 cats.  After 2 treatments, she came to the house and I questioned her on her symptoms. She said it happens when she holds the cats. I asked her to hold the cats and she was excited that she had no symptoms for the duration of the visit and beyond. She had this reaction to cats as a young child and this treatment is the only thing that has made a dramatic difference in her reaction to cats.” - Dr. Leo Arcand, D.C.

“I had a high school kid come in for sinus congestion and he hadn't been able to breathe through his nose since he was a child. When he came back for his 3rd visit, he told me that the congestion was gone and he could breathe through his nose once again. He wants his younger brother to come in for help with his allergies. Just wanted to share another success story!” - Peggy McAbee, C.A.

“Camel urine showed up on a scan on a 67 yr old woman. "Camel Urine", come on now.... who -what ? We inquired if she worked at the zoo at some point ... NO. But she lived in the middle east for 4 years as a young woman, her dad was an oil man and she frequently rode and worked with camels." - Dr. Thomas Tumbarello, D. C.