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2018 Annual Global User Conference

October 5 - 6 in Park City, UT

Improve your practice with BioScan

BioScan is an FDA cleared, fully portable, state of the art patient evaluation system that scans the body in just 10-15 minutes and will immediately print a full-color report and customize a nutraceutical protocol for each patient.

I am a Health Practitioner

I want to know how BioScan can improve my revenue & quality of care.

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I am a Patient

I am seeking a qualified practitioner who can help me with BioScan.

Practitioner Testimonials

“I have been using the BioScan technology since 2004. I am continually amazed at the awesome results I see with my patients. Healing for them happens so much faster overall because we are able to assess the root of the body's dysfunction as opposed to guessing or missing the mark. My practice has grown exponentially as a result of these tools and I cannot recommend them more highly.” - Dr. Christine S, D.PSc., PhD, ND, DMBM

“I am working with a 35-year-old female that has severe R.A and Fibro, classic auto immune client. After visit 5 she has reported a 75% improvement overall. A major reduction in pain, increased energy and greatly improved sleep. My suggestion to everyone, FOLLOW THE PROTOCOL, it works!” - Stuart H. NHD, DM(P), BCIH