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BioScan: Transforming Your Practice

  • Empower your practice with BioScan's real-time ElectroDermal testing to identify how patients may respond to various stressors and allergens.
  • Get insights into the body's major systems and organs with BioScan's ability to scan specific meridian points.
  • Accelerate your decision-making process with BioScan's straightforward color-coded charts, simplifying complex data into clear visual information.
  • Leverage BioScan's nutritional testing feature to find the right balance for your patient based on their specific needs.
  • Extend your services beyond the confines of your office with BioScan's portability, offering flexibility and convenience to your practice and your patients.
  • Promote a higher level of compliance, boost your revenue stream, and increase client satisfaction with BioScan.
  • BioScan is the preferred choice for those seeking to integrate holistic healing approaches and natural stress management techniques in their practice.


“I had a high school kid come in for sinus congestion and he hadn't been able to breathe through his nose since he was a child. When he came back for his 3rd visit, he told me that the congestion was gone and he could breathe through his nose once again. He wants his younger brother to come in for help with his allergies. Just wanted to share another success story!” - Peggy M, C.A.

"I have thoroughly examined the SRT nutritional program and have found it to be accurate and user friendly. I understand how the products are chosen and I appreciate the option I am given in sorting by outcome or total. Balancing the patients with the product frequencies is an amazing feature." - Dianne M, D.C.

“Camel urine showed up on a scan on a 67 yr old woman. "Camel Urine", come on now.... who -what ? We inquired if she worked at the zoo at some point ... NO. But she actually lived in the middle east for 4 years as a young woman and she frequently rode and worked with camels. How about that for scan sensitivity!” - Thomas T, D.C.

“My 16 year old niece has itching, watery eyes and stuffy nose when visiting my house, we have 2 cats. After 2 visits, she came to the house and I questioned her on her symptoms. She said it happens when she holds the cats. I asked her to hold the cats and she was excited that she had no symptoms for the duration of the visit and beyond. She had this reaction to cats as a young child and this is the only thing that has made a dramatic difference in her reaction to cats.” - Leo A, D.C.