The Epic, A Biomeridian Technology for Stress Testing

The Epic, A Biomeridian TechnologyUsing the Epic stylus can be an ideal tool to aid you on your consultations with your patients. It can help provide accurate and consistent results and be a great source of revenue. But what is the Epic, a Biomeridian technology for stress testing and how does it work?

A technician performs a balance assessment with the EPIC, a Biomeridian technology for stress testing. This skin measurement is non-invasive, painless, accurate and easy to learn.  The system itself has a reproducible point testing ability. This allows you resistance test any acupuncture point meridians on the human body including dental points. For example, the BioRep list of 58 acupuncture points provides quick analysis of fourteen organs and systems.

Simple And Accurate Stress Testing

This combination of hardware and software software unites simplicity and accuracy.  The software can show patient impedance results obtained by the Epic Stylus. Data is then compiled into a colorful and easy to read graphic. This can help identify complex patterns from a library of impedance profiles. With the patient’s history of care, it provides important information to discover what needs attention. This software tool helps with customizing recommendations designed to help certain areas.

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In a short appointment (20 minutes), the specialist provides patients with nutritional and therapy support. A comprehensive examination for their health issues performed in a fraction of the time.

The Epic, A BioMeridian Technology

The system is simple to use and takes only a few days to learn.  Before the Epic Stylus, it used to take practitioners three to six months of training before being able to use a manual stylus to meridian test patients. The EPIC, A Biomeridian technology for stress testing allows you to use information services gathered from a BioScan MSA.

International Health Technologies (IHT) manufacturers the BioScan MSA and Epic Stylus with BioRep software. These all can aid practitioners with homeopathic, herbal and whole food supplements. Please contact us to learn more on how BioScanMSA can be integrated into your practice.

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