International Health Technology’s BioScan Device is the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) industry leader in innovation, portability and reliability. Practitioners may choose to feature either the SRT or the MSA Application, but many practitioners successfully run both applications.

What is a BioScan Test?

The BioScan Device is a USA FDA cleared, state of the art Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) testing system. It is fully portable and can be transported in a typical laptop roller bag and takes only a few minutes to set up.

BioScan Technology is easy to use, painless and non-invasive GSR assessment testing which is typically performed by the Practitioner on the hands or feet of the Client.

The GSR data gathered from a Client is reported by the BioScanSRT or BioScanMSA software on easy to read graphs and reports with information which can be analyzed and customized for use by Clients and Practitioners.


A laptop PC computer is required to be supplied by the Practitioner and used in conjunction with the BioScan Device; Virtually any PC computer manufactured in the last 5 years can be used in conjunction with the BioScan.

Is the BioScan Device safe?

Yes. The BioScan Device uses an ohm meter to take GSR readings on the Client. Measuring the fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin is a well-established technology used in many common applications such as lie detector testing.

Does insurance cover assessment and testing?

In general, bio scanner testing and assessments are provided on a cash basis in the USA and are not typically covered by insurance. However, if your insurance offers a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) you may be able to apply the services toward that account. In other countries there can be reimbursement depending upon the insurance plan.

Are the BioScanMSA and BioScanSRT two different Systems?

Absolutely not! BioScanMSA and BioScanSRT are software applications that are loaded into the computer that is connected to the BioScan Device. The device features ports that allow use of the accessories required to perform an MSA or an SRT function allowing the practitioner to choose one application or to use both based on what is best for their practice.

What Is BioScanSRT (Stress Reduction Testing)?

The BioScan System, using the SRT Application, combines the disciplines of Acupuncture, Biofeedback, and Homeopathy. The BioScan Device is used to take galvanic body scan readings on a Client. The BioScanSRT software gathers the Galvanic Skin Responses of the Client and analyzes these responses against a wide variety of digital signatures of items which are known to potentially cause stress to the body. These "stressors" are widely varying items including foods, environmental contaminants, chemicals, nutraceuticals, toxins, emotional patterns and many more. The Body 100+ Scan can be completed in less than 10 minutes with an SRT machine.

What is BioScanMSA (Meridian Stress Assessment Testing)?

The BioScanMSA System has several options of styluses which can be used for point testing. Over 840 acupuncture points are programmed into the IHT Software including dental and ear points. The Practitioner selects the desired acupuncture point on a high definition graphic image in the software and applies the stylus to that acupuncture point on the Client. The Client completes the electrical circuit by holding a HandMass and the GSR measurement reading is recorded by the BioScanMSA software. The conductivity for the meridian is collected by the BioScanMSA software and interpreted by the Certified Practitioner as an indication of acute or chronic stress within the meridian.

"As she was distressed with all the itching, I applied a mix of jojoba oil, tea tree oil and schulze's deep tissue oil to stop her from rubbing her back on every rough surface and to be able to sit during the BioScanSRT processing. I ran the 100-point body scan and the bio stressors in multi tincture, the insect and arachnid allergens in both multi and 1x, the shellfish in multi and 1x (since the itching got worse after she had some crab soup for dinner) and the drainage folder in 1x and multi tincture. She slept like a baby and I didn't have to repeat."

- Shanez G, C.N.P.

How long does a BioScan scan take?

The typical MSA basic testing protocol, known as the BioRep Testing protocol, takes about 15 minutes. The typical SRT Body 100+ Scan is automated and takes less than 10 minutes.

Does the BioScan Software allow me to keep a Client file?

All visits, testing, comments and protocols with any Client are kept in the Client file for easy access and reference. Historical analysis and comparison of past and present visit information is easily available from biofeedback scans.

How do I track a Client’s progress?

The BioScan Software has excellent Client organization and accessibility by the Practitioner to all analysis data for each Client. All data gathered in a particular visit is saved in each Client file. Colorful and easy to use reports for the Practitioner and the Client are available to the Practitioner to customize or use in the standard formats. Comments and visit notes for Practitioner use and protocols suggested for the Client are kept in the Client records for easy access and reference. These reports are available for use with one or multiple visits for comparison and can easily be saved to a PDF and emailed.

Why is a BioScan Device using the BioScanMSA or BioScanSRT software useful to a healthcare Practitioner?

The BioScan Device is an easy to use GSR analysis testing tool to add to any practice whether an allopathic or alternative health care practice. The GSR data assessment which is gathered in the office of the Practitioner is immediately available to the Practitioner for use in helping to understand the “root cause” of any imbalance in a Client.

"I have thoroughly examined the SRT nutritional program and have found it to be accurate and user friendly. I understand how the products are chosen and I appreciate the option I am given in sorting by outcome or total. Balancing the patients with the product frequencies is an amazing feature."

- Dianne M, D.C.

What types of health care Practitioners use the BioScan System?

The BioScan Device is used around the world by both Allopathic and Alternative Health Care Medical Providers. The use of the BioScan Device is based upon the scope of practice of the specific Practitioner within the certifying agency and state of the Practitioner. Some examples of various Practitioners who are using the BioScan Device in various parts of the world are:

Allopathic Practitioners: Because the BioScanSRT is non-invasive and painless it is a device of choice for many types of physicians, including but not limited to Medical Doctors (MD), Doctors of Chiropractic (DC), Doctors of Osteopathy (DO), Homeopathic Doctors, Naturopathic Doctors, Biologic Dentists, Dieticians, Neuropathy Doctors, Autonomic Nervous System specialists, nurses of all disciplines, Pharmacists, physical therapists, psychologists, veterinarians, and Acupuncturists.

Alternative Healthcare Practitioners: The BioScan Device is an important part of the practice of a wide variety of alternative healthcare providers around the world, including but not limited to nutritionists, health coaches, massage therapists, Practitioners of Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine, health coaches, herbalists, homeopathic medical Practitioners, and alternative pharmacists.

How do I learn how to use the BioScan?

IHT has developed multi-level trainings to equip Practitioners to successfully use the BioScan System. The initial training in either Application is part of the initial purchase package.

The MSA Level 1 Training Course is comprehensive on the basic use of the BioScan Device using the BioScanMSA software. However, during the Course the student will learn how to properly take GSR readings on any acupuncture point on the body. This hands-on, practical training is critical to the proper use of the BioScan Device using the BioScanMSA software including the reporting features and nutritional protocol options.

The SRT Level 1 Training Course educates on the 7-Step protocol which uses the digital signature of items to scan a gamut of potential stressors to the body. Practitioners are taught how to analyze the data and may then determine the best course of supporting the client using the reporting features and processing options.

IHT offers multi-Level Training Courses as well as an Annual Global Conference during which other advanced uses of the BioScan Device as well as protocols from practitioners around the world are shared in a two-day Conference, providing great opportunities as to gain expertise as the Practitioner grows in skill and specialty in the use of this amazing technology.

Can I customize a BioScan Application to fit my practice and skill set?

There are over 80,000 items are represented in the BioScan Virtual Library. Using the optional program V/L Edit, the Practitioner can add products to the software, without limit. Practitioners may choose to add unique or personal potential supports or stressors using this feature.

The BioScan Application allows the Practitioner to build Custom Libraries that are unique to the interests, clientele or area of expertise for quick and easy scanning.

With advanced training and analysis, the BioScan MSA Application also allows the creation of custom points and custom point protocols for scanning of specific areas of interest.

How do I know which application is best for me to start with?

Every practice is different, and every Practitioner has a unique set of skills and experience so there is no simple answer here. Good news though: we have an amazing Customer Support Team, full of experienced Practitioners, to help aspiring Practitioners navigate this decision. Please call the IHT Sales line 1-801-889-2319 or click on the sales chat line on this web page in the lower right-hand corner for more information.

What does the BioScan Device with the Software Application cost?

IHT is delighted to speak with you about the cost to add a BioScan Device to your practice with the appropriate software Application(s). Please call the IHT Sales line 1-801-889-2319 or click on the sales chat line on this web page in the lower right-hand corner.

“I had a high school kid come in for sinus congestion and he hadn't been able to breathe through his nose since he was a child. When he came back for his 3rd visit, he told me that the congestion was gone and he could breathe through his nose once again. He wants his younger brother to come in for help with his allergies. Just wanted to share another success story!”

- Peggy M, C.A.