Balancing The Body With A Meridian Stress Assessment

Meridian Stress AssessmentPerforming a Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) on a client can lead to answering questions about organ performance.  It is a tool that offers a non-invasive and painless way to measure the subject’s health levels and conditions. But what exactly is a Meridian Stress Assessment and how does it work?

A comprehensive look at this electrodermal screening is the first step to providing a more accurate and extensive protocol. Supporting stressed or weakened organs and preserving the proper level on those that are already balanced.

Painless And Non-Invasive

Meridian Stress Assessment reviews details on which organs are presenting higher stress levels and those showing low energy. Helping the practitioner decide the preventive steps to take on a possible development of a medical condition on the client. This makes it an important tool to have in any practice.

An important feature is that it is painless and non-invasive. This is something that most clients find relieving and comfortable. With the help of an ohmmeter and galvanic skin response a safe electric current is applied at specific acupoints.

Locations on the hands and/or feet associate with systems of the body as meridians (points across the body that connect to a specific organ). It brings back all the data gained in an easy to read and colorful graphic saved under the client’s records.

Meridian Stress Assessment Assists With Balancing The Body

The final reading comes from an extensive analysis of several organs of the client’s body. This procedure normally takes up to fifteen to twenty minutes then displays the resulting graph. By measuring the flow of energy between each meridian acupoint the practitioner or technician will be able to:

  • Present result to the client of all meridian balancing areas and those which are weakened or stressed.
  • Create a personalized protocol based on the information gained from the assessment. This can be built from a database of over forty thousand therapeutic products stored in the software
  • Discover missing nutrients or medical supplements necessary to bring weakened or stressed organs back into balance.
  • Find the number of bacteria or toxins affecting the body. Then address them as well as the client’s sensitivity for certain chemicals or nutrients.

International Health Technologies created the BioScanMSA software using a combination of Voll’s Theory of Conductance with Reckeweg’s Chart of Homotoxicology. It is a reliable measuring tool that can help promote compliance. This can lead to a large increase in revenue to any practice offering this excellent service. Please contact us to learn more on how this can be integrated into your practice.


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