The Epic, A Biomeridian Technology For EAV Testing

The Epic, A Biomeridian TechnologyThe Epic, A Biomeridian technology for EAV testing is renovating the holistic field of medicine. Practitioners offering this service are seeing an increased interest on this testing assessment from their patients which also reflects on their overall revenue.

EAV Testing is Comprehensive

EAV testing is an effective and accurate way to know a patient’s state of health. Taking a closer look at the patient’s body to discover whether they are balanced, weakened or stressed. The strengths of this assessment does not end there. It can also display a comprehensive and colorful report to aid the practitioner in discussing the results with the patient. This helps the provider in deciding the proper nutrients to achieve an overall state of balance.

By combining the theories developed by two great minds of holistic medicine, Dr. Voll and Dr. Reckeweg the Epic, A Biomeridian Technology was created. These specialists provided an important pillar to the design and creation of EAV testing. They also helped identify possible stress on the patient as well as point to areas of weakness that could be helped by proper nutrition. By performing a noninvasive and painless test, the specialist can assess the levels of energy flowing through the network of meridians in the body. These AcuPoints are found on the hands and feet relating to organs and tissues

Homotoxicology Chart and the Epic, A BioMeridian Technology

The life’s work of Dr. Reinhold Voll researched the relation of ancient medical sciences. Like acupuncture, a small current of electricity measures the organs and tissue and is also known as Electro acupuncture according to Voll, This is then correlated with Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg’s chart of Homotoxicology. The result are six phases of over six hundred conditions and the homeopathy remedies to address them.

The BioScan MSA  and the Epic A Biomeridian technology manufactured and distributed by International Health Technologies (IHT) are becoming a household name. Not only because of their high quality but also for their availability all over the world.

Any size or practice could benefit by adding the Epic, A Biomeridian technology to their office. This EAV testing is used by Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, Veterinarians, Acupuncturists, Holistic Practitioners and many more. Please contact us to learn more on how this can be integrated into your practice.


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