BioScan MSA Is A Must Have Patient Compliance Tool

Patient ComplianceA Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) can help answer many questions about what could be unbalancing a patient’s body and assist with patient compliance. The BioScan MSA is an FDA Class IIa medical device that helps identify stressors. This information helps customize a protocol that addresses the nutritional support for their organs.  It follows Voll’s theory of conductance along with Reckeweg’s chart of Homotoxicology to deliver an easy to read report.

According to Dr. Reinhold Voll, an individual’s electric impedance is measured at acupoints of energy channels (meridians) linked to organs. The study lead him to develop bioenergetic testing or the EAV method , also known as Electroacupuncture According to Voll.

Reckeweg’s Chart Of Homotoxicology

Besides Voll’s method, the BioScan MSA assessment also uses Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg’s chart of Homotoxicology. A graphic showing how the human body reacts to attacks in a human toxic management chart. Homotoxicology is the study that understands the origins of both disease and relief. The effects that certain toxic elements have on the human body. As Dr. Reckeweg expressed, the confrontation and attempt to counteract toxins is defined as “diseases”. By following this chart’s phases and categories, the BioScan MSA plots the collected data. Thus, forming its own chart that indicates which areas of the body are balanced, stressed or weakened.

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The BioScan MSA emits a low, non-invasive and painless electric current on several acupoint locations on the hands and feet. It creates a circuit using a sensitive and calibrated ohmmeter. The device measures the impedance of the current and its continuous flow through each meridian point and organ. The results come back on a colorful and easy to read graphic, also known as the “Report of Findings”. This correlates the speed of the transmission to a Voll reading of 0 to 100 which the practitioner can explain to the patient.

BioScan MSA Helps With Patient Compliance

The software that comes with BioScan MSA creates a plot of all the data collected by the practitioner on a graph showing organs and phases of health. With this, the specialist can customize a support protocol from the electronic library in the software.

International Health Technologies creates and distribute the BioScan MSA device and software. They take pride in this tool as an aid for your medical office administration to encourage patient compliance. With customizable protocols this can result in an increase on the practice’s revenue. Please contact us to learn more on how this can be integrated into your practice.

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