Bioenergetic Testing Opportunities For Your Practice

bioenergetic testing stylus on skinDevelopments in the holistic health sector with bioenergetic testing devices have the potential to address the problems persons with unexplained health complications face. Those health issues are what may be referred to as functional illnesses. A functional condition is a medical syndrome whereby a body organ is hindered for no apparent reason.

Energetic Beginnings

The body consists of various kinds of energy, and this energy runs in passageways across the body. Healthcare providers have known this information for thousands of years and have even used acupuncture and multiple other therapies that enhance energy flow in the body.

In the 1940s, Dr. Reinhold Voll, an acupuncturist, found that an individual’s environment has the potential of disrupting the flow of energy. After experimenting with acupuncture, he couldn’t come up with a lasting solution.

After consultations with his associates, Dr. Voll learned that there are instances when energy flow can be re-established through lifestyle medicine like exercise, supplements, diet, and homeopathy. That’s the origin story of bioenergetics and how it has risen to prominence in the medical circle.

What is It?

Also referred to as electrodermal testing (EDT), BET evaluates electrical resistance across several acupuncture points. It is evident that the humans, for the most part, comprises electrical energy. Chemistry plays a significant role in physiology, but it’s capable of acting like so because of the nervous system, which is electronic.

Thanks to advancements in Germany’s electro-medicine field, it’s possible to establish energetic imbalances or ailments while they’re still in the ‘electrically imbalance’ phase of development instead of after chemical or cellular changes have occurred. When the condition is allowed to exacerbate, and enough chemical or cellular changes have occurred, such that it’s identifiable through conventional testing methods, the chances are that the condition will have become irreversible. At the stage of electrical imbalance, the situation is reversible even before symptoms become visible.

The procedure will entail analyzing the energy channels or meridian system of said person. Considering how every meridian is attached to an organ, bioenergetic testing equipment can assist a practitioner in establishing whether organs are weakened, stressed, or in balance.

The body by itself is an electromagnetic object. Electrical signals trigger chemical reactions which subsequently generate energy. The entire system works because of the energy produced and circulates the whole body in an organized and logical manner.

When your system gets exposed to a bacterium, fungus, virus, toxin, or even emotional and psychological distress, the first thing that happens is that the electromagnetic frequency of the tissue becomes irregular. When the said tissue has had an uncharacteristic electromagnetic frequency for some time, the biochemistry of the tissue will start experiencing abnormal changes.

When the tissue’s EMF remains atypical for an extended duration of time, they will inevitably be alterations in the structure or histology of the cell. It will, in turn, translate to pathological and degenerative conditions, tissue damage, and other medical chronic conditions. Bioenergetic testing analyzes that EMF level.

Even though BET health screening cannot replace specific pathological tests, it has made a significant contribution in the medical sector and is a welcomed guest in the community; it bridges the divide between modalities.

Bioenergetic Testing

Our cells stockpile an immeasurable amount of info. Nearly everything is stored within the cells, including viruses, toxins, stressors, and emotions. Environmental factors like these can impact your energetic passageways. Fortunately, we can access the biological information stockpiled within our bodies through saliva and hair samples through medical science.

Hair follicles come from blood vessels that consist of info from up to the preceding six years, and this hair follicle has your bioenergetic blueprint. The hair follicle’s information can provide nutritional elements, reverberating toxins, and cellular stress across the body.

Like hair, the salivary glands produce biological information that signifies the body’s chemicals. Tests involving saliva hold information regarding infections, allergies, and hormones. From a bioenergetic viewpoint, saliva, like hair, keeps it to test for hormones, toxins, and sensitivities.

Saliva and hair tests are among the most preferred techniques. They can give a thorough check if the energetic pathways are functioning without being invasive.

Bioenergetics Today

These days, chiropractic medicine, holistic providers, psychologists, and individuals use bioenergetic assessment to help with creating an individual care plan or to get a deeper understanding of the patients’ health.

Considering that tension headaches and stress are within the body, a physical examination (like a saliva and hair sample) may indicate how meridian stress impacts them. Conversely, health issues left unaddressed have the potential to work into emotional stress. Bio-energetic testing can help get to the root of the problem before it escalates into something irreversible.

Beyond Testing

Wellness clinics have grown to therapy centers to assist patients with restoring balanced health and improving wellbeing. Considering how the body and mind are connected, bioenergetic therapy can go a long way in increasing the quality of life of your patient. A bioenergetic therapist’s job will typically entail using your patient’s history and medicine records to re-establish these energetic routes.

In most cases, new energetic emotions like trauma, loneliness, and anxiety will accumulate in your muscular systems and develop what feels like knots. You can help alleviate your patient’s tight spots with massage therapy.

Some forms of therapy entail implementing dieting protocols, using natural solutions, and making some lifestyle changes to bring them into balance.

Other types of therapy techniques involve breathing exercises and targeted muscle exercises.

Bioenergetic therapy – derived from the concept that any limits to your motion are due to an obstruction caused by an unsettled conflict. It can also deal with any limitations to your natural breathing that decreases vitality.

Bioenergetic Exercise – Exercises will enable your patients to click with their body tensions and discharge them by consciously moving. You can prescribe the bioenergetic exercises to be done during sessions. It will help your patients better their vibrational state, refine their self-perception, and enable them to breathe better.

person receiving massage therapy

How Can Bioenergetic Testing Help You?

Everybody would be better off understanding the intricacies and how different components function. The more knowledgeable you are about your weaknesses and physical strengths, the more in tune you’ll be able to process health results when they crop up.

This procedure utilizes the energetic pattern transmits a painless microcurrent, much like how MRI’s, EKG’s, and EEG’s do. From there, the system is designed to acquire this info and send it to the computer program for processing in real-time.  After you analyze the readings, you can process a detailed report of the findings.

Eliminate the guesswork, start using BioScan for bioenergetic testing and stress assessment, allowing timely, customized information about your patients.

Dealing with the root cause resolves various potential symptoms. To get the desired results, you can monitor how well your patient is doing and refine your health strategy.


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