11 Creative and Fun Relaxation Techniques for Kids

relaxation techniques for kids girl resting in hammockKids are always on the go. Between school, sports, and extracurricular activities, there’s barely time for breathing. They are naturally active and need to move around to keep their bodies healthy. But sometimes need a break from all that activity to relax. Learn how these fun relaxation techniques for kids encourages to slow down, take deep breaths, or maybe even listen to something calm.

Relaxation Techniques for Kids

Relaxation isn’t just for adults. Kids need to relax too. When kids are settled, they can focus better on the task at hand and perform their best. Relaxing activities, such as drawing or writing poetry, give your child an outlet for their creativity.

Creative expression can be a form of relaxation, so encourage your child to explore this avenue when feeling stressed out or distracted.

Additionally, as children get older, relaxation becomes especially important because it can help them handle the stress of homework, tests, and competitive work environments.

The more relaxed your child is in these situations, the better they will perform and the less likely to feel stressed.

For children to get the most out of relaxation activities, they must use their time constructively. It isn’t helpful if your child draws a picture while sitting in front of the television or playing video games.

Instead, encourage them to spend an hour each day in a relaxing environment with materials for creative expression. While it isn’t always easy to get children excited about relaxation, the benefits are worth it!

Get Your Child Excited About Relaxing

Many people see kids as high-energy individuals that are all about the action. The truth is, they also need to take time out and occasionally relax too. It’s just one more thing that makes them human, after all. The good news is, there are plenty of creative ways for your child to get their relaxation on.

  1. Go For a Short Walk

As humans, we tend to associate walking with going from one place to another, and the idea of taking a relaxing stroll doesn’t always come to mind. However, even though you are walking along, you can take time out to enjoy the sights and sounds around you.

It’s a beautiful opportunity for your child to get some fresh air, exercise, and reset their focus on what’s essential in life—simply taking time out to go outside does wonders for them both physically and mentally.

If walking isn’t an option where you live, try another fun activity that gets them moving around. Your child might enjoy dancing or jumping on the trampoline, for example.

child jumping on a trampoline

  1. Engage in a Hobby

The excellent news about engaging in a hobby with your child is that it can be anything they want. You don’t have to join them if you feel like sitting this one out, but the truth of the matter is there are plenty of benefits for both parent and child when they do get involved together.

Hobbies are an excellent way for kids to improve their focus and concentration. They also help develop new skills that may come in handy later down the road. Don’t feel like you must spend money either. Most hobbies don’t cost anything at all. You might try something simple such as reading a good book or coloring with your child.

If you have the time, try going to arts and crafts stores together so they can pick out their favorite new hobby as well as all the supplies that go along with it.  You will be surprised at how much fun this simple activity brings for both of you!

In some cases, your child may already have a favorite hobby, such as playing with their action figures or drawing pictures. If this is the case, don’t feel like you need to force them to try something new. Encourage them and try engaging in that activity for relaxation instead of just playtime.

  1. Take the Time to Lie Down

Taking time out in a quiet space with no distractions is what your child needs right now. If you would rather not have them lie down on their bed, encourage them to take some time out in another area. It can be helpful to close their eyes and listen to the sounds around them as they take time out in this way.

Take out a mattress and lay under the night sky; you can talk about the stars.  Ask them to close their eyes and imagine they are floating in space.

  1. Visit an Animal Sanctuary

Visiting a local animal sanctuary can be particularly rewarding for your child. Animals don’t judge, and they want nothing more than someone who will show them some love. They may not speak our language or understand what we say, but that doesn’t mean they are less intelligent.

If you live close to an animal sanctuary or zoo, take your child there on a learning journey to experience the animals around them first-hand. It gives their mind something else to focus on as well.

  1. Draw a Picture

Art is another way for your child to express themselves in creative ways. Whether they are drawing or painting, this will be an excellent opportunity to take their minds off the things that stress them out right now.

If there is something specific you would like them to draw about, let them know and encourage it. For example, if you notice they are always creative when drawing dragons, why not ask them to draw one in particular?

It can be challenging for kids when so much pressure and stress is placed on us all the time. We must take some time out of our day to relax and let our minds reset.

  1. Listen to Soft Music

Even if your child does not have a favorite band or musician, they can still listen to soft music. There are plenty of musicians out there who write songs that will help them relax and take their minds off things for just a little while.

Music is not only emotional, but it’s also therapeutic too. The next time your child feels like they are having a bad day or week, put on some soft music and see how much better they feel afterward!

You can even play the music during quiet times of the day, so their mind has an opportunity to relax.

  1. Explore Nature

Escape the busyness of life and visit a secluded beach or forest area.  You can take your child on a short hike while you enjoy some fresh air together too! It is an excellent opportunity to explore and identify new plants away from the concrete jungle.

Take the time to appreciate how beautiful nature is and show them that they can always find peace in this place. There are no distractions or loud noises here, which means your child will be able to relax more quickly too.

  1. Practice Meditation

One of the most effective relaxation techniques for kids is to meditate.  It allows your child to clear their mind and focus on just one thing, which can be incredibly calming after a stressful day at school or in the playground with their friends.

You can teach your child how to meditate just by sitting quietly together for a few minutes each day and use breathing exercises for relaxation. To make it more fun, you could also try some guided meditation sessions online with them too. It is a great way to introduce meditation and help them learn about mindfulness simultaneously.

  1. Play with Bubbles

bubblesKids love bubble baths, but they also love bubbles outside of the bathtub too! If you have a bubble machine or some wands, get them out and let your child play with bubbles. If you don’t have any bubbles, why not make your own? You can do this by adding some dish soap into a bowl filled with water, stirring it well until suds begin to form on top of the surface.

  1. Make a Hammock

You can hang it from a tree branch in the garden, attach it between two playground poles, or even just inside their bedroom! A hammock is a perfect spot for reading a book, playing with their favorite game or toy on an electronic device (if allowed), or simply catching up on some sleep.

There is no right or wrong way to make your hammock. Remember that this relaxation technique is to help your child relax and escape the stress of life for a little while.

  1. Take a Bath

There is nothing like taking a hot bath when you feel stressed or anxious, which can work wonders for children. If you have some essential oils on hand, add a few drops to the water while running. Lavender oil works great for relaxation, but any of your child’s favorite scents will do.

You could also try lighting candles around the bathtub or using LED lights to take an evening bath time. Either of these will help your child slow down and relax.

How BioScan Can Help

It can be challenging for parents with kids who feel the pressure to help their children relax and cope better with stress management. BioScan is an excellent way for kids to learn about their bodies and how they work in a fun way to help them manage anxiety. BioScan utilizes sensors on your child’s fingertips to measure galvanic skin response (GSR).

Seeing this data makes it easier for health care providers to understand how your patient’s body reacts to stimuli, whether physical or emotional. Parents will learn how to best support their children and techniques in stressful situations.

BioScan will give you a better understanding of how your kids’ minds and bodies function together. There are many fun relaxation techniques for kids, but BioScan is a great tool to track the child’s progress and see how these tools are working. It allows them to learn about the connection between mind and body engaging.


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