Family Doctor Clinics Can Benefit From ElectroAccupuncture

mother and daughter visiting-family doctor clinicsEAV (ElectroAccupuncture by Voll) is an instrument that helps identify a patient’s organ predispositions and dysfunctions used in family doctor clinics.

Sometimes before physiological systems have manifested themselves. EAV was developed in Germany by Dr. Reinhard Voll over 50 years ago.

Since then, it has been developed and refined. Many healthcare family doctor clinics in many countries worldwide use this system today. EAV screening can help determine the underlying causes of symptoms.

With thousands of substances to test, medical residency doctors are capable of recognizing specific toxins or pathogens. Furthermore, it allows them to determine the most appropriate remedies or supplements that are helpful to the patient.

EAV Screening has proven to be very beneficial. For this reason, many family doctor clinics have benefited from them. They have helped many patients meet their optimal health.

Below are some of the benefits a family doctor clinic can get from EAV screening:

  • EAV helps physicians to screen a patient and show what is helpful or not. It assists in selecting the proper supplements and spending money on tools that support the patient.
  • EAV indicates what dosages may be needed to balance a meridian.
  • EAV screening has helped physicians test the frequency of pathogens. Such as viruses, parasites, fungus, yeast, and bacteria.
  • EAV can help physicians to screen potential food sensitivities.
  • The meridians which represent the nervous system, pancreas, circulation, gallbladder, lungs, kidney, and liver are recorded as weakened, stressed or balanced. The system then permits physicians to measure the suitability of various nutritional products that may help the body in attaining optimal health.
  • EAV can help patients reduce their wants or desire to smoke.
  • It works with sensitivities such as pollen, animals, hormones, heavy metals, and pesticides.
  • EAV can use body secretions like tears and urine to identify particular challenges.
  • EAV has even been used to work through emotional problems
  • EAV can help reduce drinking if a person is not an alcoholic.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, the info is interpreted appropriately to determine an alternative. Family doctor clinics can benefit from EAV as it provides enough info to make the healing process at a core energetic level. Both the BioScan MSA and BioScan SRT can help you make smart decisions with your patients.  Please contact us to learn more on how BioScan can be integrated into your practice.


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