Electrodermal Activity And Electrical Properties Of Skin

Electrodermal ActivityThe skin has a variety of electrical characteristics known as Electrodermal Activity(EDA). It is also known as galvanic skin response(GSR), electrodermal response(EDR), skin conductance response(SCR), skin conductance level(SCL), or sympathetic skin response(SSR). There has been a lot of research on the skin’s electrical properties, and a standardized name is electrodermal activity.

It was in 1849 when discovered that the skin was electrically active in Germany by Dubois-Reymond. His subject’s limb placed in a solution of zinc sulfate, and he noticed the electric current. It occurred when one muscle relaxed and one contracted.

Studies continued through the years. In the 1970’s, there had been over 1500 articles written on the topic of electrodermal activity. Today, it is the most popular method for the investigation of human psychophysiological phenomena.

How Electrodermal Activity Works

An EDA meter can detect the bioelectrical phenomena in the extremities, including the palms, fingers, and soles of the feet. The meter displays the electrical conductance change between two given points over time. The paths run through the body and along the skin’s surface. While measuring, the device sends a small current through the body.

In some people, EDA is responsive to emotions. Anger, fear, and sexual feelings can all reflect within EDA. A polygraph test also uses these responses. Along with the EDA, many times, blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate are all measured in conjunction with polygraph tests.

EDA is used more and more in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. It is a measure of how low the patient is in a hypnotic trance. As traumatic experiences are brought to mind, the client experiences immediate changes.

The future of EDA looks promising including research into using the electrical activity of the skin to communicate between therapist and patient in stress conditions. Included in these problems are alcoholism, drug abuse, neuroses, and various tension states.

In conclusion, a natural phenomenon discovered over 150 years ago is something that continues to help us today. In the future it will provide even more benefits. Both the BioScan MSA and BioScan SRT utilize the principles of EDR.  Please contact us to learn more on how BioScan can be integrated into your practice.


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