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How Does the BioScanSRT-Fit work?

BioScanSRT-Fit is perfect for gym and fitness settings or as an add-on for existing Practitioners. It incorporates an OHM meter which measures Galvanic Skin Response with world class software for quick and non-invasive testing.

The computerized scan uses digital signals to quickly test 4 pillars of health: Physical, Nutritional, Emotional and Reserve. The result is full, colorful, easy to read reports which note areas of focus increasing client compliance and in turn, increases results and revenue.

Unlike other bio-energetic testing devices, the BioScan System is an FDA Cleared non-invasive and pain-free method to gather essential data from your body.

The BioScan does not diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.


The Procedure:

The BioScanSRT-Fit library is pre-populated with folders for the Physical, Nutritional, Emotional/Mental and Reserve Pillars. Within these folders are relevant items that measure the “health/balance” of each of these Pillars. These signals are safely and non-invasively presented to the body through the skin, via a radio frequency antenna.

The responses are recorded and plotted on a scale which will classify the body’s response as either balanced, or imbalanced. These scores are represented as the 4 Pillars with an overall “Health” score, reflected by their different colors.

How do I learn how to use BioScanSRT-Fit?

IHT has developed training to equip technicians to successfully use the BioScan System. The Training Course is part of the initial purchase package.

The Training Course is comprehensive on the basic use of the BioScan System using the BioScanSRT-Fit software. This hands-on, practical training is critical to the proper use of the BioScan System using the BioScanSRT-Fit software including how to use the reporting features.

What does the BioScan Device with the Software Application cost?

IHT is delighted to speak with you about the cost to add a BioScan Device to your practice with the appropriate software Application(s). Please call the IHT Sales line 1-801-889-2319 or click on the sales chat line on this web page in the lower right-hand corner.