Successfully Use BioScan To Focus On Nutritional Status

nutritional status improved with bottles of juiceYou should assess the nutritional status of your patients at regular intervals. This checkup is a part of managing human immunodeficiency. The most straightforward approach to monitor this is with the use of serial weight management, including unintentional weight loss.

A comprehensive test includes the following

  • Biochemical measurements of micronutrients, serum protein, and metabolic parameters.
  • Anthropometric measurements of your patient’s body composition.
  • Measurement of dietary intake.
  • Clinical assessment of social or psychological distress and altered nutritional requirements that may preclude adequate intake.

Some of the most common techniques to measure body composition of lean body mass and fat include bioelectric impedance analysis and anthropometry. Many medical practitioners also go for several other tests, such as dual X-ray absorptiometry (DXA), total body potassium measurement, magnetic resonance imaging, or cross-sectional computed tomography.

Suppose you want to detect morphologic changes associated with your patient’s fat redistribution syndrome. In that case, you might go for anthropometry in the regional DXA, cross-sectional imaging, and waist-hip ratios. Testing nutritional status is also an essential tool when you need relaxation techniques for kids.

Importance of checking the nutritional status

It does not just help to predict the survival and functional conditions. It also indicates different aspects of nutritional assessment, such as biochemical assessment of micronutrients and serum proteins, body composition of lean mass and fat, dietary intake, and clinical assessment of comorbid conditions.

Comprehensive nutritional using BioScan

BioScan is a portable testing system that provides the following health facilities:

  • Real-time updates of Electrodermal screening and analysis of responses to various factors, such as allergens, food, and stressors.
  • Get instant results by scanning the body with the help of specific acupuncture joints. They assess different meridians of the body’s organs and 14 major systems. BioScan also plots data on reports so that you can evaluate the issue by comparing the scan with a typical report.
  • Nutritional test also determines whether a nutrition program may be appropriate for your patient.

A comprehensive nutritional scan usually takes time to provide results. But what if you need immediate nutritional status reports for further assessment? In such cases, BioScan will come in handy. It allows you to provide immediate readings to your patients and clients instead of asking them to sit in the clinic waiting room.

This system can test 14 major body systems and scan the body against thousands of substances. What was once like finding a needle in a haystack is now a matter of minutes before you get accurate results. The stressors and sensitivities pop up immediately as BioScan process through the body.

Using BioScan not only improves efficiency, but also gives you opportunities to monitor the nutritional status of your patients. It allows you to explore natural stress therapy and holistic healing methods that keep your patient fit.

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