State of the Business

2 April 2020

Dear IHT Family!

We hope you and your family are staying healthy and safe during this pandemic!  We at IHT are continuing to work for you in a combination of working from the IHT HQ office and from home offices.  We know that each of you are using your amazing BioScan technology for your family or in distance sessions for your clients during this difficult time and we are there for you!

State of the Business:

IHT continues to support you during this pandemic and severe economic pause!  The financial stability of IHT is ensured by the small monthly software fee each of you pay IHT.  These small fees are used to pay our dedicated employees and will continue to be used in this manner so that we are here to support you after this pandemic is under control.

With the continuation of this monthly support, IHT remains financially strong and healthy and each of us here at IHT are continuing to work hard every day to support you!

IHT will be here with business as usual when this pandemic is vanquished and each of us can go back to normal business of seeing patients and one another in person!

New Resources:

  1. Jack Epter, IHT Board of Director Member and Director of SRT Development, has created some new Custom Libraries for you for virus protocols, and they can be found in the Virtual Library Updates Section of BioScanGathering. Please check these out!
  1. Kelly Bonhomme, Director of International Sales and Julie Tibbles have recorded a webinar on Distance Sessions with the BioScan and it is great! Please call Mike Venzke at 801-889-2319 or email [email protected] to get access to the webinar.
  1. IHT is finishing up new versions of IHT software, SRT 111 and MSA 148. SRT 111 will be released in April and MSA 148 shortly thereafter. Both have an assortment of great new features for you! Stay tuned for further information on the IHT website and the Facebook practitioner page.
  1. MSA Ivory Dental software: IHT announced the availability of the MSA Ivory Dental Software in Q4 2019 and began distribution of this software Application in Q1 2020. Training on the use of this new software application is available by Webinar.   Dawn has recorded a great training webinar and if your practice includes supporting a biological dentist or you might want to support a biological dentist you will want to lease this new application! Dr. Dawn Ewing has done an amazing job helping guide us through this great software development and we have recorded a great webinar with Dr. Dawn which will instruct the customer how to use the software and chart the teeth correctly.
  1. Training: Marcia O’Brien, Director of Sales USA & Mexico, is working hard with Cynthia Sadler, Manager of Accounting to transform all of our training courses from classroom to webinar and enrolling students at this time.  Please call Mike at 801-889-2319 to discuss enrolling in these courses.  This is a perfect time to increase your knowledge about the use of this amazing technology!
  1. Advanced Clinical Training Webinars: IHT and Physica Energetics worked together to present the first webinar in a series on March 18. Dr. Robert Cass, Dr. Epter, Dr. Brockenshire and Jason Persaud presented, and we had over 500 registrants.   We have added this great Webinar to our website and is viewable in the Advanced Training section There is no charge for this training Webinar and it will be available as of April 3, 2020.

Going Forward:

IHT remains dedicated to our Mission to “Change healthcare one person at a time by providing the best and most reliable technology to our customers!”

IHT fully intends to weather this health and financial crisis and in the process continue to provide excellent support to you, our customer!

Thank you!

Jacqie Soechtig, the IHT Medical Advisory Board and the Entire IHT Team