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FAQ – Hardware

1. What does IHT suggest about testing clients with Surgical Implants (IE Pace Makers) or anyone who is pregnant?

As a Company Policy, IHT does not recommend the testing of any person who has a surgically installed implant like a Pace Maker (or other similar electrical devices) nor does IHT recommend the testing of anyone who might be pregnant.

2. Is it safe to use a VantagePro or MSAS Professional Outside?

It is perfectly safe to use an IHT Medical Device outside IF the ambient conditions approximate those of a typical indoor office environment!

However, please be aware of the following:

  • Excessive dust and prolonged sunlight can be harmful to the electronics and plastic casing on the VantagePro and the moving parts of the MSAProfessional;
  • Temperatures which are vastly different from the typical ambient indoor environment will be harmful to the electronics in the IHT Systems and will not be covered by warranty.
  • The systems are built to be used primarily indoors, however, limited use in a tent or other relatively protected environment in health fairs and other community events will not have any adverse effect on the equipment within the bounds of the above limitations

IHT recommends that the customer take every precaution from damaging their equipment when using in an outdoor setting as it will likely not be repaired under warranty and the cost will be extensive. Taking your system into an outside environment which is not protected from extreme elements is a risk that you as an owner are taking which will not be covered by an IHT Warranty.

3. Is it okay to put the IHT Medical Device through the x-ray at airport check-in?

Yes, the X-ray machine has no more effect on your equipment then it does a laptop or cell phone.

4. How should accessories be stored when not in use?

Accessory cables should be placed in a circular pattern that does not result in stress, especially at the ends of the cables. Please do not tightly wrap a cable around itself as this can lead to a short in the wires and place addition stress on end pieces.

5. How do I Travel with my IHT Medical Device Safely?

It recommended that the best possible care be taken when traveling with your equipment. When traveling by air, it is strongly recommended that the IHT Medical Device be carried in a well-padded computer bag. There are many commercially available bags for this purpose. Just as you will not check your computer, you should not check the IHT Medical Device as it is not clear how carefully these bags would be handled in the high volume environment of airport baggage handling.

6. What is recommended to protect my equipment from power surges?

We recommend the use of a UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) with surge protection. In the event of a power outage this gives you enough time to close your software, have the auto backup of your files run and then turn off your Medical Device.

7. What shipping service does IHT recommend to ship a System in for repair and should it be insured?

IHT Uses FedEx for all shipping both Domestic and International. It is highly recommended that you insure the system. It is to your discretion as to how much it is to be insured. We recommend you insure it for what it would cost to replace it with like equipment. IHT will not pay for any duties or taxes for international shipping. For any equipment to be returned it is required first to contact tech support to obtain an RMA number.

8. What is the VantagePro Conversion?

The Vantage Medical Device that was built by BioMeridian is not supported by IHT. For anyone who has Vantage System we offer a conversion that will convert their Vantage to the VantagePro standards. The VantagePro Conversion is simple and easy to arrange:

  • IHT will assign an RMA number to you so that you can ship your system in to our HQ;
  • IHT will test the Vantage (and whichever accessories you include in the return) for functionality;
  • IHT will then update your database (if needed) and copy to a Flash Memory Drive;
  • IHT will remove and discard the outdated internal computer components and adapt your device to the use of an external USB Cable thereby converting it into a VantagePro;
  • IHT will then test your newly converted VantagePro to make sure it fully functional using the latest IHT software before we ship your device back to you;
  • During the process we update the labeling to differentiate your converted VantagePro from a BioMeridian Vantage.

From there you will be able to run the software from your own computer. With the removal of the internal computer components the maintenance needs of your vantage diminish greatly. The computer you use to run your newly converted VantagePro Medical Device must conform to the minimum computer specifications.

9. Can I trade in my older MSAProfessional for a new VantagePro System?

Yes, you can! While these are beautiful Medical Devices and have been highly reliable for over 20 years, the MSAProfessional systems have been out of new production since 2005 and the boards which power the Medical Device are no longer available. IHT is offering a trade-in program which allows you to trade in the MSAPro Medical Device for a newly manufactured VantagePro Medical Device, Power Supply, Power Cord, USB Cable, Vantage Test Plate and Cable.

You keep all of your accessories including your Epic and manual styluses, HandMass, and Focus. These will all be reusable with the new VantagePro. Please call Mike at 801-889-2319 for pricing and details.

10. How do I connect my MSA Professional/MSA 21 to my computer through a USB Port?

IHT recommends that you purchase a USB to serial adapter cable that converts the 9 pin serial port to a USB connection. The adapter connects between an open USB port on the computer, and your existing serial cable. The adapter is not intended to be connected directly between the computer and MSA unit. IHT recommends the I/O Gear USB to Serial Adapter Model GUC232A as it is the only adapter that is compatible to WIN8, WIN8.1, and WIN10 Operating Systems.  This can be purchased online at a number of websites and it is NOT typically available at retail stores.

11. Which IHT Medical Devices Can Use the Epic Stylus?

The MSAProfessional (only if configured to use the Epic), the Vantage and the VantagePro Systems. Only the VantagePro is currently supported by IHT.

The Epic Stylus was first released in 2006 as an upgrade to the MSAS Professional. Any system built before 2006 does not have the ports needed or the hardware configuration to be able to handle an epic. Therefore, the MSA BEST, MSA 21 and a certain number of MSAS Professionals are unable to use the Epic Stylus.

12. Can a broken accessory be fixed?

Typically, most accessories purchased since 2012 can be repaired. Call IHT technical support at 801-889-2224 for an RMA so we can evaluate the situation. Before calling, make sure that the connector plug is inserted all the way into the correct port in your unit.

Also try swapping in one of your spare accessories to narrow down which one is not working and try to take a reading using just the accessories to remove the possibility of patient/client dehydration,

MSA – Touch the tip of the stylus directly to the handmass.

SRT – Connect the alligator clips to each other

13. Where can I buy accessories?

IHT has a store. It handles both domestic and international purchases. You are also welcome to contact us by phone at 801-889-2319. Third party accessories like electrodes strips and lasers are available for sale on our online store or you can try a local store or other online vendor.

14. Does the VantagePro use a battery and when do you know when it needs to be replaced?

The VantagePro does use a battery for providing the electricity need to take readings or scanning. The battery is found on the left side of your VantagePro Medical Device (same side where your accessory cables connect) towards the back. The battery used in the VantagePro is a camera battery designed for both longevity and handling the surge of voltage used with a camera’s flash. Because of this, it is the very nature of this battery to last a long time and then suddenly drop dead. The software and hardware of your Medical Device is designed to detect when the voltage of a battery goes below what is considered a functional threshold. When you receive a warning saying your battery is too low, or when you turn on the Medical Device and it makes a long continuous beep, or if the Medical Device suddenly stops taking readings or stops in the middle of a scan, this means the battery needs to be immediately replaced. It is recommended to keep a several new batteries in your office as a backup. You can purchase a battery at any store that sells cameras. The details of the battery can be found on the label on the panel door covering the battery or on our website, but the type of battery needed by the VantagePro is a Duracell DL223 Battery (or equivalent).

15. How and when should I clean the Brass tips and HandMass?

Your Medical Device utilizes brass for the HandMass and the tip of your stylus because it is excellent for conducting electricity but brass has a down side in that it must be maintained properly in order to continue to have excellent and accurate readings. In order for a practitioner to maintain good conductivity during testing of a patient/client, readings, a small amount of water must be applied between the brass of the tip and the HandMass and the skin of their client. Continuous contact to water cases the brass to corrode. Thus, it is recommended that between patients/clients that the practitioner take the time to wipe down their equipment and use alcohol to remove oil residues and to sanitize the accessories. I It is also recommended that the HandMass is cleaned vigorously weekly (or more often depending upon use) so that the brass maintains a bright shiny golden color. it recommended to use a vigorous cleaning process to bring the brass back to new. Please also click below to watch a related training video.

General Cleaning and Maintenance of Equipment (1min 32sec)

16. When a customer moves to a new computer or upgrades to new software, can the database be transferred?

Yes.  As a normal process of any IHT software upgrade the database is not affected in any way.

17. How do I back up my data base in my IHT software?

  1. From Windows click [Start Button], All-Programs or All-Apps, MSA or BioScan or SRT, Backup
  2. This will start the Database Backup Wizard.
  3. After reading the welcome screen, click the [Next] button.
  4. Click the [Select backup database] button
  5. At the top of the file browsing window select a destination to save the backup to such as a USB Flash drive.
  6. Type in a filename. We recommend including today’s date for easy identification later.
  7. Click the [Save] button in the lower right corner.
  8. Click the [Next] button, the program will now backup the database which may take several minutes
  9. When the backup process is complete, click the [Finish] button.

All IHT software programs have a built in daily back up procedure which is automatically run every time the software is closed. It runs within minutes and provides security of your data in the case of a requirement for restoration of that data in the event of a corruption in your data base or other catastrophic software failure situations. This can be caused by a myriad of factors but the most common would be the introduction of an unauthorized program on your computer which allows a virus or other mitigating factor to negatively impact your database. In the unlikely event of a catastrophic software failure, the daily backup provides an easy way to restore your data as of the last time the system was closed.  The backup can be done on the same computer if it is functional or it can be restored onto another computer which has the proper IHT software installed.

It is your responsibility, however, to protect your data externally in the event of a computer failure. To this end, IHT recommends that you use a commercially available back up program, such as Carbonite, to protect your data in the case of a catastrophic hardware failure.

18. If I upgrade my software, will it transfer my database into the new software?

Yes, when upgrading yoursoftware the upgrade process will automatically transfer your database into the new software. When restoring a database from old software to a newer version the new software will convert your database to be compatible with the new software. There is a limit to this however. If the old software is older than MSAS 2008 it will require assistance from technical support to bring your database up to where it will work with the new software.

19. Does the Power Supply for both the MSAProfessional and the VantagePro work in both the 120v and 220v environment?

Yes. As the leading worldwide supplier of EAV Medical Devices, IHT provides a power supply for both the MSAProfessional and VantagePro Medical Devices which are rated to handle voltages below 120v (USA Standard) and up to 240v (maximum known Voltage). Customers outside of the United States are required to supply their own 3 prong power cord or adapter that fits their wall power receptacle.

20. Where can I sell my Accessories like the Epic Stylus if I am not using it? Does IHT buy back equipment?

You are welcome to use any method to sell your equipment that is available locally and over the internet. IHT does not buy back equipment. If you are planning on selling your entire system be aware that IHT does require a Device transfer fee to be paid by the new owner. Call Mike at 801-889-2319 for information on the Device Transfer Fees.

21. What is a Medical Device Transfer?

IHT is required by the FDA to keep a file of every customer that has purchased one of our IHT Medical Devices. When someone has purchased an existing customer’s system, IHT is required to transfer the records of ownership of that system to the new customer. There is fee that applies. As part of the transfer the new customer is encouraged to send in their system to the IHT HQ to be inspected and brought up to standard. In the case of Vantage systems, IHT requires the Medical Device be converted (See: “What is a VantagePro Conversion?”). The new customer will also be required sign an IHT agreement and to provide a copy of their practitioner credentials that will be add to their file upon completion of the transfer. Any additional repair and servicing will be charged in addition to the fee. This inspection is included in the Device Transfer Fee and is encouraged for two reasons:

  • to ensure there are no unapproved modifications to the Medical Device;
  • If the equipment is not inspected by IHT HQ or if this Medical Device is not currently supported by IHT, IHT will not provide any warranty on the Medical Device.

If you have purchased or sold a used system and have not paid the Device Transfer Fee, please contact Mike in our Sales Department at 801-889-2319 and he will be delighted to help you!

22. What became of NANO SRT and is the equipment still being supported?

The company who sold NanoSRT is no longer in business, however, IHT is pleased to offer an updated software program, the BioScanSRT, to those customers and which will work on the NanoSRT Systems.

23. Are there any Foot Pedals compatible with the BioScan?

Yes. The Infinity IN-USB2 can be used with third party software by NCH (more information).

24. How do I create a wristband sponge holder for use during MSA testing?

Using a wristband with a sponge reduces the time and movement of your testing hand. You can use the pinky of the hand holding the stylus to apply the moisture – leaving your supporting hand in place. You will need a wristband, coarse side of Velcro with adhesive on back, small sponge and plastic bottle cap.

Apply the Velcro to the bottle cap, attach to the wristband, place the sponge inside the cap. You should replace the sponge daily and launder the wristband often.

24. How do I connect the power supply and USB cable to the BioScan unit?