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BioScan Training and Certification is the foundation for successful integration of BioScan MSA/SRT into practice and is also the springboard for exploring additional layers of the software through intermediate and advanced training opportunities.

IHT Training combines the theoretical basis found at the heart of our industry leading technology alongside a hands-on, practical application of the skills required to successfully implement that same technology. This approach utilizes prerecorded, self-paced webinars and live web-based training with an IHT Certified Instructor. Please visit our IHT Training Calendar for the schedule.

In addition to our incredible Training modules, we provide educational webinars on our practitioner resource page, videos, and annual conferences.

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Training F.A.Q.

What dates are trainings available?
Please visit our IHT Training Calendar for the current schedule..

Do I need to own a system to come to training?
Yes, Training participants must own a device or be sponsored as a technician by a registered Device Owner.

Do I need to have my system in training?
Yes, the BioScan Device and all application specific accessories, as well as the computer that the BioScan Software is loaded on, must be available through all portions of training.

Do I need to have the most recent version of the software?

Yes, the latest version of the software and current Software License is required. Please check the downloads portion of our website for updates to MSA/SRT.