Epic Stylus, A Biomeridian TechnologyEffortless
Trained today ... use in your practice tomorrow! The EPIC Stylus, a BioMeridian technology enables you and your patients to take advantage of the valuable information produced by MSAS® (Meridian Stress Assessment System) testing almost immediately by dramatically reducing the learning curve from months to days. With the traditional probe found in all MSAS® machines, practitioners need 3 to 6 months of practice before being able to confidently and accurately test acupoints.

The EPIC Stylus, a BioMeridian technology is controlled through the use of a fuzzy-logic artificial intelligence circuit. Each individual reading performed with the EPIC is monitored by the software hundreds of times per second - adjusting multiple pressure and testing variables to ensure an accurate measurement every time. The EPIC Stylus not only provides accurate readings, but raises the overall level of performance for MSAS® testing and the EAV industry in general.

No longer can MSAS® measurements be looked at with skepticism. The automated point testing technique IHT achieved with the EPIC Stylus, a BioMeridian technology accomplished a feat that had eluded the industry for 50 years. By measuring dozens of parameters and hundreds of data points every second, the EPIC creates consistent, accurate, reproducible testing results with every test, whether performed by an experienced practitioner or one just getting started.

Primary System Benefits:
The typical learning curve is reduced from months to days! Immediate implementation of the protocols can be done in any practice Increase in testing and supplement revenues, and patient satisfaction Integrated platform assists in determining optimal product recommendations for each patient Non-invasive and FDA registered Testing can be completed in under 20 minutes

Bio-Reportorization & EPIC
20 minutes to the optimal remedies! Bio-Reportorization (Bio-Rep) is the uniting of the accuracy and simplicity of the EPIC Stylus with powerful new MSAS® analysis protocols - creating the perfect combination of software and hardware. Bio-Rep is a patent pending software program that instantly compares a patient’s impedance measurements, obtained with the EPIC Stylus, to a significant library of complex, multitiered “impedance profiles.” Designed to identify complex patterns in the raw testing data, Bio-Rep software utilizes the “profiled” testing data to generate a comprehensive “2D” phase table, providing real-time information with associated impedance profile scores. This important information, in conjunction with a patient’s history and symptoms, will provide you, the practitioner, with an invaluable aid in determining which areas of a patient’s body warrant the most immediate attention. Once the area of focus is determined, the Bio-Rep software will provide a customized recommendation for specific products, designed to strengthen the area of focus chosen by the practitioner. Best of all, running the entire protocol, including point testing, typically takes less than 20 minutes! Finally, accurate, repeatable testing that will help you determine the optimal remedies for each patient - in a fraction of the typical time. It’s just what the doctor ordered! IHT currently has Bio- Reportorization protocols built for use with whole food supplements, homeopathics, and herbal supplements.

IHT is the only MSAS/EDT manufacturer in the world with this patented technology