Environmental Medicine Essentials For Your Patients

environmental medicine air conditionerBeing the best environmental health practitioner, you can aim to get informed consent from your clients of all the essential things they need to know to protect themselves and recover from environmental hazards. The greater an awareness they have, the healthier they can be, and the more responsive they can be.

Is Environmental Medicine Real?

How can you explain how real this branch of medicine is so that your clients understand? Explain to them how chemicals and external substances in the environment impact health. They may not realize that environmental factors can affect their health just as biological or stress factors can. Some clients may be fully aware of how modalities like chiropractic tools and acupuncture can help ease many, but there is another useful electrodermal screening tool called BioScan.

Being aware of how external substances can impact health is a big step in preventing poor health. Let your patients know that the branch of environmental medicine involves chemistry and science and that environmental illnesses are genuine.

Identify Symptoms

Headaches might only occur at the workplace due to the HVAC system pumping out germs and debris. Reactions may occur when an individual uses certain lotions or soaps. They can also arise when someone lives in an area where things like heavy metals are present. All can impact the human body often in a negative way resulting in pathological manifestations.

You can help your patient learn to identify symptoms that are indicative of environmental illness. They might experience itching, sore throats, or other reactions only when they use certain products or are at specific locations. Letting them know this will help create an effective testing plan using all types of modalities.

What You Can Do Using BioScan

Reassure your client that you can work with them to address symptoms or syndromes that result from exposure to environmental toxins. In addition to helping them watch what they eat, what they expose themselves to, and practicing mindfulness , you can also add BioScan to the package.

BioScan finds imbalances in the body’s meridian energy system using a stylus and a computer measuring acupuncture points on your patient’s feet or hands. It picks up any imbalanced areas and displays them on your computer screen. This information helps better identify where environmental medicine is centered.

doctor reviewing results on computer screen

Images might indicate that the most significant imbalance is in the digestive system. It helps you target an overall protocol that will correct the imbalance in that area and improve the patient’s entire system.

BioScan makes use of bio-resonance, which picks up signals with electrodes placed strategically on your patient’s skin. Using a BioScan will help you help your patients better, and it will help them understand how to better target environmental issues.


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