What Is Passive Aggressive Behavior?

lady standing away from group expressing passive aggressive behavior

Passive aggressive behavior is indirect aggression involving a person expressing their anger and other related emotions without conveying their actual feelings and emotions. Persons displaying passive aggression often deny knowing their behavior intends to be aggressive towards other persons.

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Interactions And Patient Engagement In Healthcare

african american doctor interacting patient engagement in healthcare with lady

The healthcare industry is a multifaceted group of medical services that provide care, drugs, and equipment for various procedures. Patient engagement in healthcare plays a critical role in the health and survival of those who utilize your services.

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Why Do We Experience Hunger Pains After Eating?

lady looking in fridge with hunger pains after eating

Many people will experience gnawing hunger pains after eating, even though it feels like a counterintuitive event. After consuming food, in a snack, or even a full meal, they may soon discover that they are hungry once again.

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