What Is A Mobile Clinic, And What Does It Do?

latino male nurse reviewing medical records at mobile clinic

A mobile clinic provides essential health care to patients who cannot easily access medical services in their local community. They are often staffed by a nurse practitioner and offer various services, such as electrodermal screenings, medical advice, health education, and vaccinations.

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What Is Medical Case Management?

nurse responsible for medical case management using telephone

Medical Case Management (MCM) is a patient-centered care model that helps clinicians manage patients with chronic issues by coordinating and managing their quality of care.

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12 Ways To Improve Communication With The Patient

doctor on tablet screen communication with the patient

The importance of communication is key to the success of clinical outcomes. They should be fully informed about what is happening to them and their options, and they should have a voice in decisions about their care. To improve communication with the patient, clinicians must use effective methods for gathering and transmitting the information.

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The Importance Of Empathy For Pain In Our Lives

asian male covering face with hands needing empathy for pain

Pain can be intense, frustrating, and challenging to manage. Understanding the experience of pain and the related facial expressions of pain is an essential part of both patients and doctors. Empathy for pain helps us know someone else’s experience and makes communicating with them about it more manageable.

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