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5 Techniques For Natural Stress Relief [HowTo]

“Stress relief isn’t optional anymore; it is a necessity.” This quote was made by Cassandra Bodzak, a holistic lifestyle expert, meditation, and wellness teacher and TV personality. Consider creating a foundational support system for your life with these natural stress relief ideas. They are all-natural remedies and would require the intake of synthetic drugs into…

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The Proven Importance Of Patient Engagement, What Works

patient engagement systems, what works for this practitioner

Patient engagement systems are a forerunner to prevention and chronic disease self-management programs. It is the holy grail of an efficient healthcare delivery. Patients need to get involved in the management of their health. So with patient engagement, what works?  It is often identified as an important component. It is an element of prevention and…

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Qi Stagnation And Why You Should Address It

Qi is the circulating life energy or force. It’s properties and existence are the basis of much Chinese medicine and philosophy. So when it moves in the wrong direction or contests, there will be Qi stagnation. It is another typical disharmony in the body that usually affects the liver. It also affects other organs and…

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Red Light Therapy Before And After Painful Stress

red light therapy

Red light therapy is a technology which has both healing and cosmetic effects. It emits red low-light wavelengths through your skin and jump-starts the tissue recovery procedure. It stimulates the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) beneath the skin. ATP is a usable power for all living cells. The more energy the cell is given, the…

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Advanced Integrative Medicine And Benefits To Your Clinic

Advanced Integrative Medicine (AIM) encompasses natural and conventional medicine. Making all healing instruments available to the patient. Nowadays, advanced Integrative medicine is becoming a very popular specialty. It combines the best practices of the conventional medicine with proven complementary therapies. It is important that you consider this holistic approach in your clinic. You will be…

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4 Ways Medical Body Scanners Can Improve Health

Over the years, medical body scanners have revolutionized healthcare. They can help guide a physician to detect or diagnose a disease at its early stages. They also help determine the most effective treatments. They offer many advantages to both the patients and the healthcare providers.

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Family Doctor Clinics Can Benefit From ElectroAccupuncture

family doctor clinics

EAV (ElectroAccupuncture by Voll) is an instrument that helps identify a patient’s organ predispositions and dysfunctions used in family doctor clinics. Sometimes before physiological systems have manifested themselves. EAV was developed in Germany by Dr. Reinhard Voll over 50 years ago. Since then, it has been developed and refined. Many healthcare family doctor clinics in…

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Healthy Habits For Ages 30 And Over To Adopt

woman jogging

I’m sure you have heard, from one source or another, that after you reach your forties that healthy habits begin to regress. In the past, this was explained as an inevitable occurrence due to the natural decline of our metabolism. Here is what is interesting – our metabolism does not become slow enough to affect…

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