What is BioScanMSA (Meridian Stress Assessment)?

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The BioScanMSA system is an advanced, non-invasive technology that uses an OHM meter to measure Galvanic Skin Response with world-class software. Using styluses and AcuPoints along the meridians identified in acupuncture, the system gathers information on the 14 major organs and systems of the body. The system works to identify allergies and sensitivities, complete nutritional assessments, identify stressor and aid in development of strategy for stress and anxiety management and aid in the management of chronic conditions by providing insight into underlying causes and contributing factors.

The system creates a full, colourful, easy to read report that is personalized to each individual. These reports help practitioners tailor individual treatment plans specific to each client's needs.

How BioScanMSA Works

The BioScanMSA System has several options of styluses which can be used for point testing. Over 840 acupuncture points are programmed into the IHT Software including dental and ear points. The Practitioner selects the desired acupuncture point on a high definition graphic image in the software and applies the stylus to that acupuncture point on the Client.

The Client completes the electrical circuit by holding a HandMass and the GSR measurement reading is recorded by the BioScanMSA software. The conductivity for the meridian is collected by the BioScanMSA software and interpreted by the Certified Practitioner as an indication of acute or chronic stress within the meridian.

Youtube Video 2

Real Experiences From Real Users


“I had a high school kid come in for sinus congestion and he hadn't been able to breathe through his nose since he was a child. When he came back for his 3rd visit, he told me that the congestion was gone and he could breathe through his nose once again. He wants his younger brother to come in for help with his allergies. Just wanted to share another success story!”

- Peggy M, C.A.