Help Reduce Stress With A BioScanSRT System

BioScanSRT System stress reliefStress affects everyone and can cause serious health issues if not treated. The BioScanSRT system can assist with determining what stressors could be affecting the patient. Later help reduce the stress reaction by balancing the body’s response on a future exposure to a stressor. Many already using the BioScanSRT system see improvement from the first visit.

First A Look At What Is Stress

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, stress is the brain’s response to any demand. This can be triggered by many things, including change. These changes can be on the positive or negative side and a person can see them as real or perceived. The word itself can be enough to make a person reminisce on a difficult situation that might have set their nerves on edge. There are few types of stressors:

This is where the BioScanSRT system comes into place. Stress Reduction Technique (SRT) is a GSR test that can help see what elements causes the body to be more sensitive. How much out of balance it is and help educate it to not be affected when a stressor presents itself. This type of procedure is based on a combination of holistic disciplines. These include Biofeedback, Acupuncture and Homeopathy with Laser Light technology. The system follows bioresonance scanning principles that say all substances have a unique measurable energetic resonance.

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The BioScanSRT System Uses Galvanic Skin Response

The BioScanSRT system helps identify what stressors are causing stress on the body. The system records the body’s response toward those stressors that can then fall into the baseline parameters. Any results outside of those guidelines may show the substance is creating stress on the patient. The practitioner then may choose different ways (based on their scope of practice) to balance the patient. After balancing, the patient would not react to the stressors in the same way by using the galvanic skin response capacity every human has.

The practitioner determines via laser or light wand, tapping, arthrotism or other options to various meridian points. The meridians are energy channels connected to all the body’s organs and acupuncture points on the hands and feet. By default, the SRT works off two meridians on the middle finger just below the knuckle. The practitioner helps re calibrate the body’s response to these stressors. Resulting in biofeedback measurements falling within the acceptable parameters.

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It is painless, performed in 6-8 minutes, and is non-invasive. It is a safe procedure for patients of all ages. Everyone gets stressed once in a while but everyone can benefit from the BioScan SRT system to lead a healthy and happy life. Please contact us to learn more on how this can be integrated into your practice.

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