Red Light Therapy Before And After Painful Stress

Red light therapy is a technology which has both healing and cosmetic effects. It emits red low-light wavelengths through your skin and jump-starts the tissue recovery procedure. It stimulates the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) beneath the skin. ATP is a usable power for all living cells. The more energy the cell is given, the quicker a cell heals itself.

For this reason, it helps the body heal the skin by offering collagen production. This production helps lighten sun spots, fade dark circles under your eyes, reduce wrinkles and tighten and firm skin.

As a form of non-pharmacological pain management, it reduces, reduces cellulite and improves your skin’s complexion. Here are some methods red light therapie relieves stress.

Red Light Therapy helps in skin rejuvenation

Red therapy is widely considered as one of many anti-aging treatments. This is because it stimulates the production of fibroblasts and collagen. Collagen handles the firmness, fullness and the elasticity of your skin. Increased production of collagen will smooth your fine lines and wrinkles. It can also smooth the texture and decrease pore size over time.

Red light therapie increases lymph system activity as it reduces swelling and puffiness. It even causes the release of ATP or raw cellular energy increases the circulation and the formation of new capillaries.

Help get rid of  scars

Red light therapy is another frequent skin care treatment for acne, acne scar and rosacea. When you get acne, it’s often a product of a dead skin and also oil forming a plug within the pore. To some people, the presence of the plug increases chances of infection. It can even prompt inflammation of the follicle. It leads to a nodule, cyst or pustule under the skin.

If not treated, nodule, cysts, and pustule could lead to scarring. Redlight therapy is the best method for acne and later scarring. The bacteria which result in infections and acne are photosensitive. So the molecules within the bacteria absorb the red therapy when administered on the skin.

It raises their temperature resulting them to disintegrate and hence killing the pathogens. It can improve the appearance of acne scars and also help prevent them from forming.

Red light can rid us of unwanted cellulite

Red light skin therapy is creating waves as a suitable treatment for cellulite today. Cellulite is the weakening of connective tissues and the reduction in micro circulation. They often appear anywhere in breasts, stomach, upper thighs, buttocks and arms. They usually appear on the skin if stretched.

It leads to increased cortisone in your system that makes the skin lose elasticity. For many years, people have attempted all sorts of lotions, exercises, and creams to treat them. But these are seldom sufficient.

Red light has several therapeutic benefits. It improves the skin’s structure and appearance treating pain relief and psoriasis. It fixes skin cells without any significant side effects and has become a revolution for cellulite.

In conclusion, ATP activates endorphin production from the brain. This aids in reducing the pain and elevate your mood. It is also why after a redlight therapy session an individual feels uplifted and even full of energy.

It can get your blood flowing, and your mood elevated and is a very rejuvenating and relaxing experience. BioScanSRT is painless, performed in 6-8 minutes, and is non-invasive. Everyone gets stressed once in a while and can benefit from a healthy and happy life. Please contact us to learn more on how BioScanSRT can be integrated into your practice.



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