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Product Comparison

BioScan is an exceptional assessment tool to add to your office to aid you in assessing and customizing protocols, encouraging patient compliance, and increasing revenue substantially.

Like an EKG or EEG, the BioScan unit is an Ohmmeter and a class IIa medical device which measures a galvanic skin response when a safe current is applied at AcuPoints. These measurements are objective, reliable, and will guide you to the areas of the body that are balanced, stressed, or weakened

This system is easy to learn, can increase revenue dramatically, and can add a whole new area of investigation you can use with your patients or clients in your practice.

An extensive database of stressors of both potentially balancing and stressing substances can be accessed for further testing. You will be able to pinpoint both positive and negative resonances for more advanced testing resulting in ultimate patient care.

We offer both a BioScanSRT and BioScanMSA system that can integrate seamlessly into your practice. Please refer to the following chart to help decide which one is right for you and let us know if you have any questions.