Managing Your Client’s Meridian Energy Shifts

stretching and managing energy shiftsMeridians are the areas of energy flow in the human body. These are the areas where techniques like acupuncture address imbalances in the human body. The BioScan system is a testing tool that will work equally well to assist with restoring health and balance as your clients undergo more intense meridian energy shifts. It is possible to manage these shifts with the BioScan system and any other modality to achieve balanced dimensions of wellness.

How to Manage Meridian Energy Shifts

Most practitioners are already gifted and skilled in assessing areas of imbalance in their clients. Adding an FDA cleared tool to assist with this process makes it a more efficient and accurate process resulting in faster and long-lasting healing for your clients with an array of issues.

The BioScan is a medically oriented device to measure electrical activity in a person’s body along meridians. BioScan picks up readings from 58 acupuncture points on the skin of hands and the feet. These points correspond to all the body organs and systems used during electrodermal screening.

When your clients experience illness or stress, imbalances in their health are affected. Provide a better level of care by detecting where these imbalances are. BioScan is non-invasive and pain-free with easy to see results. Readings are displayed immediately following the device’s use and indicate which areas of the body may respond best to homeopathic or nutritional modalities.

As a practitioner, you can readily manage meridian energy shifts. Patients will appreciate the efficiency and ease of use as each assessment is conducted. Use the stylus to touch meridian points on the fingers while your client is seated and holding a brass handmass. All information is picked up and recorded on the computer screen.

Readings Indicate Imbalances

The scan can reveal if there is a need to work on stomach issues, thyroid problems, cardiovascular disturbances, and more. Patterns of stress are readily seen so that it is possible to correct them.

The device does not diagnose any medical problems. However, it will assist with the course of action used and, in this way, bring greater peace of mind and body to your client. Scan both the hands and the feet using the device in the same manner. It is advisable to let your clients know the exact nature of the device’s capabilities and is an excellent adjunct for acupuncture or acupressure sessions.

Manage patient meridian energy shifts faster and more accurately. In these changing times, there is a growing number of stress-related imbalances. BioScan can help restore balance by detecting problems quickly and painlessly.


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