How To Get Rid Of Stress In Your Life

man wanting to know how to get rid of stressStress is the way your body responds to threat or any demand. When you sense danger – whether it’s real or imagined – the body’s defenses kick into high gear in a rapid, automatic process known as the “fight-or-flight” reaction or the “stress response.” The chemicals that stress triggers help us to cope with difficulty but too much stress can cause health problems. How to get rid of stress? We need relief! Below are 8 highly effective stress techniques that you can use.

1. Prep For Tomorrow

There is nothing as stressful as being unprepared. It isn’t bad to take a few minutes to make a to-do list and clean up before you leave. This should be done the previous day to buy you time. Knowing that you have so many things covered will improve mental health and lessen the fret of coming back home to meet your house tumbled upside down.

When you come in the next day, you will have the sense that you are in control of the situation and can handle it. The tone for a positive day is set through this as you will be more energized to accomplish much when you go out.

healthy snacks2. Arm Yourself With Healthy Snacks

The urge to eat more becomes stronger during stress. According to researchers at Montclair State University, dieters are more likely than non-dieters to overeat when under pressure, bingeing on the same high-fat foods they usually try to avoid. Do not deprive yourself of food. Keep three or four healthy snacks on hand is how you get rid of stress and that you know you’ll probably want. Peanuts if you like salty, string cheese if you crave protein or a small piece of chocolate for something sweet. Yes, this is for when you get tempted to binge.

3. Use Proper Hand Washing Techniques

You are more susceptible to cold viruses and other germs when you are under stress. This is because your immune system is suppressed. The best defense is hand washing. Lather up with soap and warm water for 10 – 20 seconds or the exact time it takes you to sing a birthday song.

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mother and child in a pool4.  Hit The Pool

According to a Swedish study published in the International Journal of Stress Management, floating in water triggers the body’s relaxation response, helping to reduce stress hormones levels. The report went ahead to say that nearly 80 percent of the subjects showed improvements such as feeling less tense and depressed. It means one single thing: hit the pool!

5.  Doing Yoga Is How To Get Rid Of Stress

How to get rid of stress at night? Through a simple spinal twist. It helps relax tension that built up in your lower back throughout the day. You can do this while sitting on your bed with your legs crossed. Place your right hand down on the bed behind you and rest your left hand on your right knee. Inhale for four to eight times sitting straight up.

On your exhale, start twisting toward your right hand (make sure not to strain your neck). Hold this position for four more full breaths, lengthening your spine on the inhales and deepening your twist on the exhales, if it feels comfortable. Repeat yoga asanas on the opposite side.

man receiving a massage6.  Take Time To Be Touched

Experts haven’t figured out why having your body pressed and prodded works wonders, but they know what it does. Studies have suggested that massage can speed up weight gain in premature babies, improve lung function in asthmatics and boost immunity in men with HIV. Treat yourself to the feel of occasional pedicure, manicure or facial, if you cannot indulge in regular full-body massages. It is nurturing and a great form of stress relief.

7.  Once A Day, Get Away

Checking out for 10-15 minutes is revitalizing when you are having one hell of a day. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad. Just find a place where you can be alone (not alone with your phone) and wipe out that slate clean for a few minutes. It could be the attic, the bathroom, a quiet cafe or a big oak tree away from work.

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Do whatever relaxes you: Meditate, read a novel, sing or sip tea. It is imperative to take a few minutes every day to de-stress. It is the consistency in this practice that matters not how much time you allot to it.

8. Be Faithful To Your Workout Routines

Researchers recently found out that after spending 30 minutes on a treadmill, their subjects scored 25 percent lower on tests that measure anxiety and showed favorable changes in brain activity. You know what it means? It means spending time working out is one of the most effective stress relievers.

If you have time to do one thing for yourself, make it stick to your workout routines. If you can’t hit the gym or trails, walk briskly for 30 minutes at lunch or get up several times a day to stretch and walk around. It helps relieve stress.


The above aren’t the only ways of how to get rid of stress, but they are significant since they involve being physical and technical at the same time. If you stick to these routines, you will find your stress level reducing and soon you will have an entirely healthy life without having to indulge yourself in drugs that balance up the immune system.

A lot of people have succumbed to stress in time past prompting researchers to put their tools to use to bring up these techniques. They are as useful as they are fun to stick with. Burning a little energy to save you the health issues that stress causes later is an excellent decision to take. Both the BioScan MSA and BioScan SRT can help promote a stress-free lifestyle. Please contact us to learn more on how BioScan can be integrated into your practice.

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