The BioScanSRT-Fit System

International Health Technology’s BioScan Device is the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) industry leader in innovation, portability and reliability.

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What Is BioScanSRT-Fit (Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, Reserve)?

BioScanSRT-Fit is perfect for gym and fitness settings or as an add-on for existing Practitioners.

The library is pre-populated with folders for the Physical, Nutritional, Emotional, and Reserve Pillars. Within these folders are relevant items that measure the “health/balance” of each of these Pillars. These signals are safely and non-invasively presented to the body through the skin, via a radio frequency antenna.

The result is full, colorful, easy to read reports which note areas of focus increasing client compliance and in turn, increases results and revenue. Please visit our BioScanSRT-Fit page for more information.