Using Bioelectrical Impedance to Calculate Body Fat

Bioelectrical ImpedanceBioelectrical Impedance is an analysis that can estimate the total body water and body fat. It is a method used in any interdisciplinary team, dietician’s office, gym or even at home. Some bioelectrical impedance analysis devices are portable compared to similar measuring equipment.

It uses a safe painless electrical current to calculate resistance between body tissues. According to the Shape Up America organization, current flows faster and easier in parts of the body composed mostly of water.

Bioelectrical Impedance By Itself Is Not Enough

A specialist measures the speed and strength of electrical signals by performing bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA). In other words, how much opposition the signal encounters while flowing through body parts. For more detailed results combine it with height, weight and gender to estimate the body fat. The devices used to do this type of assessment are quite popular due to their portability and ease of use.

Recent technological improvements have contributed to its reliability and consistency in the market. Nonetheless, it should not be seen as a reference for other methods and the results depend on how well the test is performed.

A Trained Specialist Is Recommended

Attention must be paid when using a measuring device to do a bioelectrical impedance analysis on patients. The specialist must pay close attention to instructions and important notices from the manufacturer.

Bioelectrical Impedance analysis equipment results are easy to understand. Simply put, the more muscle a patient has, the more water they can hold giving chance for the electric current to flow easily. The more fat, the more opposition to the current is found. This procedure is safe and the currents used cannot be felt by the patient.

Taking measurements regularly to be compared and used to create an achievable goal towards a balanced and healthier life. The BioScan MSA and BioScan SRT are great compliments to a bioelectrical impedance device. Please contact us to learn more on how BioScan can be integrated into your practice.


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