Beyond Practice Builders [Harness and Secure Patients]

practice builders increase revenue from patientsTechnology advancements have taken over the medical field at an impressive rate. One of the most significant innovations is the use of BioScan devices. Although practice builders offer great marketing strategies for practitioners, nothing beats the service of BioScan devices.

Here is everything you need to know about using BioScan to take your business to the next level:

What is BioScan?

It is a state-of-the-art GSR (Galvanic Skin Response) testing system. It is one of the most modern pieces of medical innovation. Perhaps the best feature of this device is that it is portable and easily transported in a simple roller bag.

Practitioners love this device because it is easy to use. Training new practitioners on how to use it is hassle-free as well. It is also patient-friendly because it is non-invasive and conducts painless testing through the hands or feet.

It collects GSR data from your client and reports it to the BioScan SRT software. The software generates graphs and reports you can analyze. It is, therefore, easy, fast, and convenient. It can effectively serve as many clients as possible.

The device is used in conjunction with a laptop or a computer. Many practice builders recommend the use of this device because of its flexibility. In this era, non-invasive healthcare testing devices are what many patients prefer.

Adapts to Every Medical Field

BioScan devices are becoming more popular in the medical field by the day. The results from testing can are used anywhere in the medical industry. It assists in both general and specific tests on your patients.  Clinics, laboratories, sports centers, nutritionists, and psychologists rely on the device for accurate tests.

Assists in Stress Management

A BioScan can also be used to measure the stress levels of your patients. In the modern world, people are more stressed than ever. Stress may come from a career or other lifestyle activities. Besides, stress is a leading cause of many lifestyle diseases. Luckily, BioScan has stress management benefits.

Early Prevention of Complications

Most health complications can be managed if detected early. Practice builders know the importance of practitioners detecting complications in good time. Early detection of some health issues can be a matter of life and death. BioScan devices play a huge role in helping to make sure that problems are detected and addressed early.

Cost-Effective Practice Builders

One of the tremendous benefits of BioScan devices is cost-effectiveness. Traditional testing methods can be expensive because they carry out a single test at a time. However, BioScan can conduct multiple tests on your patient all at once. Not only does it save time, but plenty of resources as well.

Secondly, the device is easy to use. Practitioners do not have to spend a lot of resources learning how to use it. New trainees can also learn how to use the device at low costs. It is also important to note that it serves a lot of patients in a day.

A BioScan machine is also cheaper than many other testing machines in a medical facility. It is like getting services all under one roof. It is economical in power and labor usage as well.

When Does a Patient Require a BioScan?

Patients should have a BioScan every time they visit, even during routine medical check-ups.  It gives a holistic health practitioner a clear picture of what your patient’s health looks like. Outside routine procedures, BioScan tests are recommended in the following cases:

In Case of Unexplained Pains

Sometimes, your patient may suffer from body pains that regular tests cannot explain. In such cases, a BioScan may provide new and relevant information. Instead of conducting many different tests based on guesswork, a BioScan test is more effective.

When Introducing a New Exercise Routine

Exercise is essential for optimum health. However, there are different levels of workouts that other people engage in. Some exercise types can be too strenuous, meaning that not everyone can do them. Before introducing a new type of exercise, one must consult with a doctor. The doctor analyzes this information and uses it to recommend various activities.

Learning To Use The BioScan

The most significant concern for many practice builders is how a health practitioner will learn to use BioScan. Luckily, the process is fast and easy to comprehend. As IHT manufactures BioScan devices, they take into consideration practitioners who have never used it.

The organization also offers different levels of training courses to practitioners worldwide, giving practitioners a chance to develop their skills. Practitioners can also make any inquiries to improve their expertise in using the device.

BioScan for Health Practitioners

BioScan devices are convenient for health practitioners because of various reasons. Some of them include:

Portability of the Device

A health practitioner can use the same device in multiple health centers. When deciding to relocate, they can easily carry the device and start a career elsewhere. The device is also very suitable for home doctors who move from one homestead to another. With just a laptop, you can use the same device in multiple locations.

Real-Time Testing

The most significant inconvenience for health practitioners is waiting for lab results. The traditional testing methods take a lot of time. However, with a BioScan, products are received and analyzed in real-time.

Immediate and Easy Results

The device scans the body analyzing over 14 effective systems. It also transmits test results on a chart that is easy to understand. That way, results are generated easily and quickly for practitioners.

Makes Nutritional Testing Easy

Practitioners who focus on nutrition have a hard time when choosing nutrition for their patients. In the modern world, healthy food has become scarcer than ever. That said, many patients prefer to hire nutritionists for proper guidance.

Testing the bio-compatibility of various foods is no easy task. Therefore, practice builders recommend that nutritionists use BioScan. Most importantly, the tests are fast, making work easier for you.

Reduces Compliance Issues

Medical practitioners touch the lives of their patients literally and directly. For this reason, the field is regulated heavily by governments to ensure safety. That said, many tests are restricted for reasons related to safety and suitability. However, BioScan is by health regulatory bodies.

Therefore, health practitioners who use a BioScan Device are less likely to deal with compliance issues. Compliance problems in the medical field are hard to handle. They can be costly and can lead to the revocation of a license altogether. It is no wonder practice builders encourage the use of BioScan.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

The first rule that all practice builders live by is being able to satisfy a patient’s needs. Respect patients just like any other customer. They are sensitive when it comes to time and budget issues. A practitioner that saves time and money for a patient is preferred. Notably, there is no better way to save time and money than using technology.

Increased Revenues For Your Practice

Your goal is to improve the health of your patients. However, you must be able to make a living from your practice. A significant part of generating revenue is making sure to use updated technology. It attracts more patients to you, which translates to more income.

Added Environmental Benefits

The go-green initiative advocates for all persons to help in environmental conservation. Health practitioners should not be left behind, as well. The BioScan device is environmentally friendly compared to traditional testing methods. It emits minimum wastes to the environment, making it a perfect fit for any health practitioner.  The device does not consume a lot of energy either

BioScan Is Affordable

There is no end to the list of benefits enjoyed by using a BioScan device. Not only is it patient-friendly, but it is also convenient for health practitioners. Most importantly, it can be diversified to serve in different medical fields. It is an incredible innovation for practitioners. BioScan technology is affordable and practical at the same time.


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