Why Bother With Patient Satisfaction Surveys?

“Was your bathroom clean?” “Did your doctor listen to you?” “How would you rate the following care provided by your general practitioner in the last 12 months?” These are examples of questions that a patient may be asked after a visit to a hospital or physician. The concept of surveying is nothing new. It is…

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Healthy College Living [Complete Nutrition]

College life presents new challenges, risks, and responsibilities. You meet new people; often make the friends that you will keep for the rest of your life. You learn new things, scholastic knowledge, and personal revelations. And you begin to make your own decisions. It is a valuable time, but also a stressful one, and you…

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Human Environment Interaction For Better Health

Human Environmental Interaction

The health of human society is declining. This is in part due to the convenience that surrounds us. From home delivery options that include everything from groceries to clothing, and appliances. To self-driving vehicles that no longer need the driver to pay attention or any driver at all. The human effect on the environment has…

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Understanding Health With Use Of Galvanic Skin Response

There are many uses for the galvanic skin response capacity everyone has. This signal is often used in many procedures to strengthen the body of the patient. It helps measure the electrical conductance of the skin according to a meridian reading. This property of the skin was discovered in 1889 by Ivane Tarkhnishvili observing the…

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Balancing The Body With A Meridian Stress Assessment

Meridian Stress Assessment

Performing a Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) on a patient can lead to answering questions about organ performance.  It is an exceptional tool that offers a non-invasive and painless way to measure the subject’s health levels and conditions. But what exactly is a Meridian Stress Assessment and how does it work? A comprehensive look at this…

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Electroacupuncture According To Voll And The Body’s Energetic System

Electroacupuncture According To Voll

Electroacupuncture According to Voll (EAV) is a significant part of alternative and holistic medicine techniques to help determine the body’s health imbalances. Below is a more detailed look into this interesting and innovative approach used today. It can assist practitioners provide a detailed and accurate examination on their patients. It was in 1958 that Dr.…

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Using Bioelectrical Impedance to Calculate Body Fat

Bioelectrical Impedance

Bioelectrical Impedance is an analysis that can estimate the total body water and body fat. It is a method used in any medical practice, dietician’s office, gym or even at home. Some bioelectrical impedance analysis devices are portable compared to similar measuring equipment. It uses a safe painless electrical current to calculate resistance between body…

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The Epic, A Biomeridian Technology for Stress Testing

The Epic, A Biomeridian Technology

Using the Epic stylus can be an ideal tool to aid you on your consultations with your patients. It can help provide accurate and consistent results and be a great source of revenue. But what is the Epic, a Biomeridian technology for stress testing and how does it work? A technician performs an assessment with…

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