Advanced Integrative Medicine And Benefits To Your Clinic

Advanced Integrative Medicine (AIM) encompasses natural and conventional medicine. Making all healing instruments available to the patient. Nowadays, advanced Integrative medicine is becoming a very popular specialty. It combines the best practices of the conventional medicine with proven complementary therapies. It is important that you consider this holistic approach in your clinic. You will be…

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4 Ways Medical Body Scanners Can Improve Health

Over the years, medical body scanners have revolutionized healthcare. They can help guide a physician to detect or diagnose a disease at its early stages. They also help determine the most effective treatments. They offer many advantages to both the patients and the healthcare providers. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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Family Doctor Clinics Can Benefit From ElectroAccupuncture

family doctor clinics

EAV (ElectroAccupuncture by Voll) is an instrument that helps identify a patient’s organ predispositions and dysfunctions used in family doctor clinics. Sometimes before physiological systems have manifested themselves. EAV was developed in Germany by Dr. Reinhard Voll over 50 years ago. Since then, it has been developed and refined. Many healthcare family doctor clinics in…

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Healthy Habits For Ages 30 And Over To Adopt

woman jogging

I’m sure you have heard, from one source or another, that after you reach your forties that healthy habits begin to regress. In the past, this was explained as an inevitable occurrence due to the natural decline of our metabolism. Here is what is interesting – our metabolism does not become slow enough to affect…

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Why Bother With Patient Satisfaction Surveys?

“Was your bathroom clean?” “Did your doctor listen to you?” “How would you rate the following care provided by your general practitioner in the last 12 months?” These are examples of questions from Patient Satisfaction Surveys that may be asked after a visit. The concept of surveying is nothing new. It is a common practice…

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Healthy College Living Today And Complete Nutrition

College life presents new challenges, risks, and responsibilities. You meet new people; often make the friends that you will keep for the rest of your life. You learn new things, scholastic knowledge, and personal revelations. And you begin to make your own decisions. It is a valuable time, but also a stressful one, and you…

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Human Environment Interaction For Better Health

Human Environmental Interaction

The health of human society is declining. This is in part due to the convenience that surrounds us and the direct result of our human environment interaction. From home delivery options that include everything from groceries to clothing, and appliances. To self-driving vehicles that no longer need the driver to pay attention or any driver…

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Understanding Health With Use Of Galvanic Skin Response

There are many uses for the galvanic skin response capacity everyone has. This signal is often used in many procedures to strengthen the body of the patient. It helps measure the electrical conductance of the skin according to a meridian reading. This property of the skin was discovered in 1889 by Ivane Tarkhnishvili observing the…

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